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2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Port Richey, Florida

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Port Richey, Florida is in close proximity to Tampa and St. Petersburg. It is also within a few miles of the beaches of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Port Richey is a small, friendly community where you can get away from stress and enjoy some quiet time during your rehabilitation treatment.


People who are traveling to Florida to visit a loved one in rehab can choose one of the following airports that will put them in close proximity to the Port Richey area. Three main airports serve Port Richey and the rest of the greater Tampa/St. Pete area. They are:

Hidden Lake Airport - New Port Richey, FL

Tampa International Airport - Tampa, FL

St. Petersburg - Clearwater International Airport - Clearwater, FL


Because of its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, the temperatures in Port Richey are rather moderate. January temperatures range from 42 to 70 degrees. The hottest months of the year, June, July, August and September, have temperatures that range from 70 degrees on the low end to over 90 on the hottest days. Monthly precipitation averages start at half an inch to almost 9 inches of rain.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

Port Richey, FL has two drug abuse information and rehabilitation centers. Both are located in Port Richey and serve the surrounding communities with various types of drug abuse and addiction treatment programs, outpatient specialties, and many therapies for recovering addiction sufferers.

Alpha Counseling Services

Pasco Adolescent Intervention Center Operation Par Inc.

Friends and family members can find lodging and restaurants near each facility to be as close as possible to loved ones while they are receiving treatment. For individuals who are participating in outpatient treatment, Port Richey offers a relaxing atmosphere where they can concentrate on improving their health and overcoming their addiction.


There are 9 hotels/motels in Port Richey, as well as 35 vacation rentals. Long-term rentals can be rented for a few days or a few weeks, depending on how long the patient is scheduled to be in recovery.

Employment Opportunities

In 2007, there were 2,391 businesses operating in the Port Richey, FL area. From the smaller towns to the larger cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg, residents and visitors can find both permanent and seasonal jobs all year round. The area is well known for its many popular tourist attractions. During the tourist season, jobs are in abundance and individuals can find work in almost every industry. Contact us at today to learn more about these centers and others like them in Florida. 

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