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Imagine a small town environment that offers a chance to see changing weather conditions and beautiful scenery. Stafford Springs, Connecticut is a small town with fewer than 5,000 residents, according to City Data, but it offers a wealth of opportunities to start fresh and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Since the town is near two state forests, it is possible to enjoy the natural setting and the beautiful changes that occur throughout the year.


Traveling to and from Stafford Springs is not difficult because the nearest airport is only about two miles to the south-west of town. The Swift Airport is close to town and offers some transportation options. Alternatively, the Ellington Airport is only about 8 miles to the south-west. For more extensive travel options, the Bradley International Airport is a short drive from town. It is about 19 miles to the west and offers several options for traveling to different areas.

Average Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in Stafford Springs are slightly lower than the average for the state. According to, the average temperature for the entire year is roughly 46.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The lows generally range from roughly 15 degrees Fahrenheit to roughly 58 degrees Fahrenheit. The highs usually range from 35 degrees to roughly 75 degrees, so it is rare for the temperatures to get excessively hot. Generally, the temperatures are mild and the weather conditions are similar to other areas of the state.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Even though Stafford Springs has a population of less than 5,000 residents, according to City Data, it does offer treatment options for addiction recovery. The Johnson Memorial Hospital provides holistic treatment programs to help with the recovery process. Since the treatment occurs in a hospital, American sign language is available and treatments can focus on medical concerns as well as the addiction.

Stafford Family Services also offers treatment for addiction. The program is an outpatient option that helps when an individual has personal responsibilities or does not want to enter an inpatient program.


Stafford Springs is a small town, but it does offer lodging options for visitors and residents. The Pond House Bed and Breakfast is a good option for visitors or individuals who want a comfortable experience during their stay. Alternatively, The Inn Keeper's Place offers lodgings for visitors to the area. Additional hotels and lodging options are available in other towns. Old Babcock Tavern in Tolland and the Nathan Hale Inn and Conference Center in Storrs are within a short drive and provide additional lodging options.

Employment Opportunities

Imagine a fresh start in a small town that is close to local amenities, larger cities and state parks. Stafford Springs, Connecticut does offer employment opportunities and options for local residents. According to City Data, employment opportunities are available in the manufacturing, retail, transportation, and accommodation industries.

Enjoying a new lifestyle and making a significant change provides an opportunity to avoid substance abuse and start focusing on other goals. In Stafford Springs, visitors and residents have the opportunity to watch the changing seasons, enjoy the natural environment and explore new opportunities for a healthier life.

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