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Imagine a beautiful small town that offers the amenities of a large city with the comfort of home. Rocky Hill, Connecticut is the perfect place to start fresh during addiction recovery or to maintain recovery due to the comfortable environment and the small town atmosphere. Along with the relatively small population, it offers the opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Although there are no airports directly in the small town, transportation is available within a short drive. Robertson Field is roughly 11 miles to the west of town and offers some opportunities for travel and transportation. Alternatively, Bradley International Airport is 19 miles to the north of town and it provides transportation to and from the area. Visitors can enjoy a flight from any location and it makes a move to the area easy.

Average Weather Conditions

The average temperatures throughout the year are reasonably mild. Since the town is located in Connecticut, seasonal changes occur throughout the year and offer a wealth of natural experiences. reports that the average lows throughout the year range from 15 degrees Fahrenheit to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter, it is rare for temperatures to drop below 15 degrees. The average highs range from roughly 35 degrees to about 83 degrees. The temperatures can vary significantly throughout the year, but the weather is usually mild and comfortable for the season.

Addiction Recovery

Even though City Data reports that the town has a population below 20,000 residents, the area does have an addiction treatment program. The Department of Veterans Affairs Recovery Support Program offers long-term residential treatment, extended aftercare programs and a holistic addiction treatment plan. Plans are personalized based on individual needs, so it is possible to focus on recovery goals and obtaining different treatment options. The treatment program offers solutions to help with addiction and reaching long-term goals.


Finding a hotel in Rocky Hill is easy because there are several options in the area. Depending on the duration of trip and the plans for treatment, an individual can stay in a hotel that is located in or around the town. The Hilton Garden Inn offers a reasonable option for individual who prefer a luxurious or comfortable stay. Alternatively, La Quinta Inn & Suite is also in the area and offers an affordable option for individuals on a strict budget plan.

Employment Opportunities

While the town is relatively small, several industries offer employment opportunities. Depending on personal preferences, the area may offer an opportunity for a new start after treating an addiction. According to City Data, employment opportunities are available in the finance, professional, scientific, construction, and public administration industries.

Focusing on recovery goals offers an opportunity to start a healthy and active lifestyle. Imagine a fresh start in an area that is encouraging, safe and provides new opportunities for employment. Rocky Hill provides a small town atmosphere and the amenities of a larger city. It also provides an environment that makes it possible to reach personal goals.

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