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For those looking to overcome addiction, sometimes the area that treatment is sought in is just as important to the outcome as the decision to seek treatment in the first place. That's because it is helpful for some people to stray away from the big city lifestyles and hectic pace that may have led them down the path to addiction in the first place. For some, an escape to a more secluded area can do wonders in terms of minimizing distractions so that the main focus of the patient is receiving the treatment necessary to get better.

Individuals looking to take the aforementioned path might find this escape in the town of Canaan, Connecticut. As of the 2000 Census, the Litchfield County municipality only had a population of 1,081 residents, allowing patients to avoid the distractions of everyday life, thereby permitting more of a small-town feel. 

Nearby Airports

Despite Canaan's small footprint, it's a rather convenient area to get to for both people seeking treatment in the town or for friends or family members that wish to pay a visit to patients being treated. The nearest major airport is Hartford's Bradley International Airport, located about 43 miles away. Smaller, regional airports such as the Albany International Airport and Newburgh, New York's Stewart International Airport are each about 75 miles away and New York's LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport are 106 and 113 miles from Canaan, respectively.

Canaan Weather

Canaan is a northern city, which means that it experiences all four seasons. Summers are warm, averaging in the mid-80s, and winters are cold, averaging in teens and low 20s. Canaan receives about 48 inches of rainfall per year, above the 36.5-inch national average, and also receives about 37 inches of snow per year, about 12 inches above the national average. 

Canaan Rehabilitation Centers

There's only one rehabilitation center located within the limits of Canaan - Canaan Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation. The facility is an inpatient facility, qualified to treat both men and women for various substance abuse issues. It offers residential short-term rehabilitation, where patients undergo intensive treatment for 30 days or less, or more long-term options, where patients are admitted for 60, 90, or 120 days for treatment. Aftercare addiction treatment is an additional service provided by Canaan Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in the form of halfway houses and sober living facilities. The center accepts self payment and will also accept various types of private health insurance.

Lodging in Canaan

Although the town of Canaan itself doesn't have any accommodations, family and friends of patients seeking treatment in the area have the option to stay in nearby Falls. There, they may choose from The Falls Village Inn, Blackberry River Inn or Locust Tree Bed and Breakfast. 

Employment Opportunities in Canaan

Despite the small size of Canaan, there are opportunities for those wishing to start fresh in the area after receiving treatment. The most common industry is construction, followed closely by retail and manufacturing. The three professions make up 36, 31, and 12 percent of Canaan's industry, respectively.

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