2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Woodland Park, Colorado

Often times, when people are undergoing treatment to combat addiction, it’s inspiration that drives them on their route to getting healthy as they inevitably discover that getting healthy and kicking bad habits are no easy chore. For many, this inspiration is drawn from family members and friends. But for some, inspiration can also be in the location in which they’re seeking the treatment.

For outdoor lovers, that location could be Woodland Park, Colorado. Dubbed “A City in the Clouds,” Woodland Park literally is one - it sits at 8,465 feet above sea level and is surrounded by mountains, national forests and lush rivers, making climbing, hiking and fishing among the most popular activities. And with a population of only about 6,500 people, it’s a place that’s small enough so that one doesn’t become overwhelmed.

Airports Near Woodland Park

One attractive feature of seeking treatment in Woodland Park is how accessible the municipality is. Located less than 20 miles from the resort town of Colorado Springs, Woodland Park is close to several regional and international airports, the closest of which is Colorado Springs Airport (30 miles away). Pueblo Memorial Airport is about 70 miles away and Denver International Airport is just over 100 miles away, making getting in and out of the area – for both those seeking treatment and their visitors – convenient.

Woodland Park Climate

Woodland Park is characterized as having an Alpine Climate, meaning that its summers are warm and its winters are bitterly cold. Average summer highs are usually in the mid- to high-70s and winter highs are usually in the 30s, with temperatures often dropping into the negatives at night. Woodland Park receives about 57 inches of snow per year – more than double the national average – and just under 17 inches of annual rain.

Rehabilitation Centers in Woodland Park

Woodland Park is home to two rehabilitation centers – Aspen Counseling and Education and Journeys Counseling Center, Inc. The former is an outpatient counseling facility that specializes in treating both men and women, as well as adolescents. It also specializes in dual-diagnosis treatment and treating those that have been ordered to attend counseling by a court. Journeys Counseling Center, Inc. is another outpatient treatment center, specializing in substance abuse and dual-diagnosis drug addiction. Both accept private health plans and self-payment for services.

Lodging in Woodland Park

Where to stay while seeking treatment in Woodland Park? Because it’s a popular tourist spot, the area has a bevy of hotels. Within the city limits is the Country Inn, Country Lodge, Eagle Fire Lodge and Coachlight Motel & Campground.

Employment Opportunities in Woodland Park

Despite its small size, Woodland Park does offer opportunity for those looking to start fresh in the area after receiving treatment. The most common industries are construction, technical services, retail trade, manufacturing and public administration. Educational services and informational services are other top industries in the area. For more opportunities in the tourism industry, the popular resort town of Colorado Springs is less than 20 miles away.

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