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Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Walden, Colorado

When a person makes the decision to seek treatment to overcome drug addiction, arguably just as important as recognizing that there’s a problem is deciding where to seek treatment. While there are thousands of rehabilitation centers across America, seeking treatment close to home isn’t necessarily always the best course of action. In fact, sometimes it’s best for someone to get away from what’s familiar and seek seclusion and refuge in an out-of-town city, away from temptation and routine, to get healthy.

For those that enjoy the outdoors, mountains, snow and think that small town living would be an ideal environment to get treatment in, there’s the town of Walden, Colorado – a quaint, 700-plus person municipality in Jackson County.

Nearby Airports

Walden is a bit off the beaten path, but it’s still somewhat accessible by airplane, making it manageable for patients coming into the area for treatment, as well as a patient’s family and friends for visiting. While the closest international airport – Denver International Airport – is over 200 miles away, there are several smaller domestic airports closer to the town. The closest is Laramie Regional Airport, located about 60 miles away. Yampa Valley Regional Airport in Steamboat Springs is located about 80 miles away, and Cheyenne Regional Airport and Eagle County Regional Airport are about 115 and 130 miles away from Walden, respectively.

Walden Climate

Walden is located in north-central Colorado and is known for its cold, snowy winters and pleasant, warm summers. Walden receives over 57 inches of snowfall each year, more than double the national average, but also experiences about 240 sunny days per year. Highs in the summer average in the high-70s, while lows in the winter average in the single digits. Walden is also located 8,000 feet above sea level.

Walden Accommodations

Despite being a small town, there are a few options for lodging in Walden for either patients living in the area seeking treatment or for their visiting friends and family members. The Chedsey Hotel and Antlers Inn are both located on Main Street.

Employment Opportunities in Walden

Although Walden is a small Colorado town with only a 700-person population, there are opportunities for employment in the area for those who wish to start fresh after rehabilitation. For instance, truck driving is one of the most common occupations in the city. There are also opportunities in the trades for carpentry, mechanical and construction work. And finally, agriculture is also an important part of the region’s makeup.

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