Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Sterling, Colorado

Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Sterling, Colorado

Sterling, Colorado has multiple substance abuse treatment programs and facilities available to people who want to take the next steps toward sobriety. Each offers different programs and treatment approaches designed to meet the unique needs of people with addiction.

About Sterling, Colorado

Whether you are considering a move to Sterling for substance abuse treatment or are a family member visiting a loved one undergoing treatment, this small prairie town is more than first meets the eye. Sterling lies along Interstate 76 in the Northeastern corner of Colorado. Though the town has a small municipal airport, most travelers access Sterling via the Denver International Airport approximately 120 miles away. The town boasts beautiful scenic views and warm, small-town hospitality that makes anyone feel welcome.

It is important to pack appropriate clothing before visiting or moving to Sterling. The temperatures are cool to mild but vary widely throughout the year. During winter, the average daily temperature is a chilly 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and summer warms up to approximately 75 degrees on average. The town typically receives up to 20 inches of snowfall or more every year, as well as an average of 15 inches of rain throughout the year.

There are several hotels to choose from in Sterling, including the Best Western Sundowner located just off the Interstate. Amenities include a heated indoor swimming pool, an indoor fitness room, free WiFi and a complimentary daily newspaper. The Comfort Inn is also located off the Interstate and within walking distance of the South Platte River. Accommodations include complimentary coffee and a free hot breakfast served daily.

Sterling features several employment opportunities for those looking for either short-term or long-term work. The largest private sector employers in the area include Sterling Regional Medical Center, Wal-Mart Supercenter, and Sykes Enterprises. There are also public sector job opportunities available with Logan County, the City of Sterling and the Sterling Correctional Facility.

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