2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Rifle, Colorado

Rifle is a gorgeous community in Colorado with a population of just over 9,000 people. If you're coming into the area for the purposes of treatment, or if you're just looking to lend support to a friend or family member in their time of need, you'll find the area warm, welcoming and inviting in nearly every conceivable way.

Airport Information

Rifle is home to the Garfield County Rifle airport, which is a local municipal airfield serving residents of the area. While you're in Rifle for treatment and looking for things to do, the Rifle airport is also home to the Fall Fly-In air show each year.

Weather Data

The average high temperature during the warm summer months of the year in Rifle is 85 degrees, while the average low can fall as low as 13 degrees during December and January. Rifle also gets a fair amount of precipitation, usually accumulating around 10 inches per year.

Drug Abuse Rehabilitation and Information Centers

Residents of the Rifle city area have access to two high quality alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers that they can choose from depending on their preferences. The first of those is the Colorado Counseling Center, which specializes in addiction treatment for niche groups of people to enable professionals to better serve patients based on their current life situation. Addiction treatment is offered for gays, lesbians, people who are suffering from the effects of HIV or AIDS, pregnant women, postpartum women, teens, Christians, DUI offenders, DWI offenders and more. Outpatient counseling treatment is offered at the center, as is dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment is always ideal for individuals with mental and substance abuse disorders that are co-occurring.

The second major facility in the area is the Colorado West Regional Mental Health Rifle Center. In addition to both court ordered alcohol treatment services for people who have received DUI or DWI offenses and traditional outpatient counseling treatment, the center also offers holistic rehabilitation treatment to all patients. Holistic rehabilitation is designed to be a high quality alternative treatment option for people who may not be interested in participating in a traditional 12 step drug rehab process.

Lodging Options

Whether you're coming into the area for the purposes of treatment or you're exiting the facility in question, you have a large number of different options available to you in Rifle regarding where you stay next. Holiday Inn, Best Western and other major hotel chains are all accounted for in the area. The city also has a number of smaller boutique options available to individuals who prefer a quieter and more intimate experience. 

Employment Opportunities

When your treatment has finished, you'll have access to a large number of employment opportunities through which you can get back on your feet. Rifle Mountain Park is one of the top employers in the area, thanks largely to its popularity with rock climbers. The City of Rifle is another top employer, as are certain retail chain stores like Target, Walmart and Sears.

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