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Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Frisco, Colorado

Imagine seeing a mountain range after looking outside the window. Imagine a setting that offers the beauty of nature without leaving the amenities of a modern town. Frisco is a beautiful small town that offers amazing changes to the weather throughout the year and natural views that are stunning in any season. The peaceful and quiet environment can make it easier to focus on recovery and enjoy the start of a new lifestyle.


Frisco is a small town with fewer than 3,000 residents, reports City Data. Due to the small size of the town, there are no airports directly in the town. Fortunately, there are airports within a short drive of the center of town.

The Leadville Airport is about 27 miles from Frisco and is located to the south-west of the town. The McElroy Airfield is also within a reasonable distance. It is 36 miles to the north-west of Frisco.


The weather conditions are significantly different throughout the year, reports Weather Base. The lows in Frisco range from 2 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter to almost 39 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months.

Highs in Frisco can range from roughly 24 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months to roughly 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the height of summer. Even though the temperatures can get very cold, the small town has mild and comfortable summer weather that is ideal for the beautiful surroundings and the natural setting.

Hotels and Motels

It may seem like the options for lodging are limited due to the small population in Frisco, but there are actually a variety of hotels and motels available in the area. Since Frisco has skiing available during the winter months, there are inns that provide lodgings.

For individuals who want to visit the area in a comfortable setting, the Alpine Inn may be a good choice. It offers a beautiful appearance and is ideal for lodgings during the winter months. The Summit Inn is a good choice if there is a limited budget.

Employment Opportunities

Frisco is a small town, but that does not mean that the job opportunities are limited. City Data reports that there are opportunities available in construction, accommodation services and retail. Due to the growth of the area, it may be possible to find job opportunities in a variety of industries.

Living in a small town can provide opportunities to enjoy an environment that differs significantly from an urban setting. For some individuals, the peaceful environment and stunning surroundings can be a useful tool to help encourage a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a life that does not include substance abuse.

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