Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Fort Morgan, Colorado

Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Fort Morgan, Colorado

Combine the opportunities that are available in an urban setting with the quaint feel of a small town for an experience that will encourage a healthy lifestyle and recovery from substance abuse. Fort Morgan provides a quaint and quiet town with a vintage style and feel that is ideal for recovery. Since it is also an urban area, there are opportunities that can make it possible to start working on new goals and interests.


Even though Fort Morgan has a population of only 11,450 residents, according to City Data, it is close to an airport. The Kent Airport is only about 11 miles to the west of Fort Morgan. For individuals who do not might a slight drive, the Colorado Plains Regional Airport is 31 miles to the east of Fort Morgan and is accessible within a reasonable amount of time.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions can be significantly different throughout the year in Fort Morgan. According to US Climate Data, winter temperatures can range from an average low of 10 degrees to an average high of 50 degrees. During the summer months, the temperatures can range from a low of 46 degrees to a high of 89 degrees. Generally, the temperatures are cool or cold, but the summer can get very hot.

The average snowfall in Fort Morgan is around 24 inches throughout the season. Although there may be storms, the amount of snow is usually less than other areas of Colorado.

Hotels and Lodging

Staying in a hotel is not difficult in Fort Morgan. The Hampton Inn or the Comfort Inn can provide a comfortable and affordable option for the duration of a trip or the transition into the area. Central Motel is another budget-friendly option that provides a great value for the lodgings that are provided.

Job Opportunities

The job opportunities that are available in Fort Morgan can seem limited, but there are several industries that are represented in the job market. The manufacturing industry accounts for most of the jobs that are available, according to City Data. There are also opportunities in retail, construction, agriculture and educational services.

Enjoying the chance to break away from an old lifestyle and start fresh can require a transition into a new location. Fort Morgan offers a quaint and serene area that can encourage recovery and the development of new and healthy interests.

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