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Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Denver, Colorado

If you are looking for a place to start your recovery from alcohol abuse, the famed Mile-High City is easily a step-up above all the rest. As the state’s largest city and capital city, Denver features a vast array of resources and amenities for those who stay there. Ranging from lodging to entertainment, drug rehabs to dining options, Denver is the state’s best place to begin recovery.

Airport Access

One perk for alcohol recovery patients in Denver is easy transportation access through the state’s leading airport: the Denver International Airport (DIA).

The DIA, located in the northeastern corner of the city, was, in 2014, the fifth busiest airport in the United States and the sixteenth busiest in the world. Situated on over 53 square miles of land (making it larger than Manhattan), it is also the largest airport in the country by land area. It services nearly every major American airline, and is specifically a hub for United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Great Lakes Airlines.

People looking for a general aviation airport in the Denver area have three options: the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, the Front Range Airport, and the Centennial Airport.

Colorado Climate

Containing both arid deserts and frosty mountain ranges, Colorado is a state with extreme climates. Fortunately, the city of Denver is located an area without particularly extreme climate conditions, making it a much more comfortable place to begin recovery.

Unlike some corners of the country, Denver experiences rather rank-and-file seasons: cold winters, warm summers, and milder weather in between. The city’s average yearly high temperature is 64.6 °F, its warmest month, July, features an average high at 89.4 °F, and its coolest month, December, has an average high at 42.8 °F.

Home Away from Home

Patients not seeking residential treatment or with families who want to live elsewhere will no doubt enjoy the many lodgings Denver has to offer.

The three highest rated lodgings, according to Google Reviews, are the Magnolia Hotel, the Oxford Hotel, and the Four Seasons Hotel. Reviews praise Magnolia’s delicious food and affordable pricing, Oxford’s professional ambience, and Four Seasons’s relaxing amenities.

Employment Opportunities

Those successfully enamored by Denver’s delights may decide to stay there long-term.

The most popular industries for men are professional services, construction, and food services. For women, they are health care, educational services, and technical services.

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