Addiction and Treatment Statistics for Akron, Colorado

For patients preparing to enter rehab, there are few decisions more important than where they decide to go for treatment. Location can have an enormous impact on people’s motivation to complete treatment and to remain sober. Those evaluating different cities should take a close look at Akron, Colorado. This small city of less than 2,000 people has a rich history as a frontier town and continues to offer a welcoming community. Here are a few criteria that all patients and their families should carefully consider.


For patients going to rehab in Akron from another area, it is important to know where their airports are, as this will impact how easy it is for friends and loved ones to visit and show support both during and after treatment. The closest airport to Akron is Denver International Airport, which offers both domestic and international flights. The airport is 111 miles from Akron, but offers various transportation options, including rental cars, will make it possible to get to Akron.


The environment and climate can have an impressive impact on patients and their moods, making it an important factor to consider. Akron has four very distinct seasons, with summer highs generally in the 80’s while winters have highs only in the 30’s and 40’s. The winters in the area also tend to be much drier than the summers.


For loved ones visiting patients in Akron, knowing the area’s hotels can make it easier to find a place to stay during the visit. Although Akron is a small city, there are a few options available. MoJo’s Inn right in Akron has rooms starting as low as $65 per night. There is also the Akron Motel, and prospective visitors should contact the motel directly for rates. Those willing to travel outside Akron’s actual borders to nearby Fort Morgan will find several more hotels, including the Clarion Inn, Microtel Inn, and the Comfort Inn, all of which have rooms between $80 and $110.

Job Opportunities

It is important for patients to carefully consider the job prospects that they will have after they finish rehab, as it will impact their stability and their motivation to remain sober. There are a variety of jobs available in Akron and the surrounding areas, including in the food service industry, in retail, as utility specialists, in customer service, and in the healthcare industry. Nearby Brush, Colorado also offers many positions of Akron residents.

Rehab options

In addition to finding the right location for treatment, it is also important for patients to consider the type of program they will enter and how well it aligns with their own needs.

The decision to enter rehab is an important one that can change the course of a patient’s life. Deciding where to enter rehab should never be taken lightly. Consider the above criteria and see if Akron, Colorado is the right place to go.

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