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Feel like you are completely reinventing yourself after a stay in a residential rehabilitation center by choosing to relocate to Wilmington, California. Notorious for its youthful vibe, this South Los Angeles neighborhood is an upbeat community with plenty of resources that will help you while you continue on your journey to sobriety.

Airport Information for Wilmington

The closest airport to Wilmington is the Los Angeles International Airport. It is located just 18 miles away. It is ideal for those looking to relocate to the area on a more permanent basis or for family and friends that are visiting temporarily.

Individuals who enjoy a slower pace when traveling may want to consider using Long Beach Airport. Long Beach Airport is located just 8 miles away from the neighborhood of Wilmington. Unfortunately, this airport has an extremely limited number of daily flights, which is why Los Angeles International Airport is the airport of choice.

Weather for Wilmington

Prepare to enjoy the sun when living in Wilmington. Regardless of the season, the days are filled with bright, vibrant sunlight. In fact, most years there are only 35 days with cloudy or overcast conditions.

Temperatures for the area are warm, yet comfortable. The average temperature for the year is approximately 70 degrees. Summer months, such as July and August can see days where the temperature rises to the 100s, but it usually cools down to a comfortable 60 degrees in the evening. Winter months are cooler, but not by much. The average temperature in the winter is approximately 60 degrees.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

Wilmington is filled with wonderful resources that are ideal for individuals who wish to receive aftercare counseling or who may need to attend a few counseling sessions are part of a sobriety maintenance program.

The area has three health clinics and counseling centers that can help. Those centers include Aegis Medical Systems, Behavioral Health Services of Wilmington – Community Recovery Center, and Transcultural Health Development. All of these centers are designed to offer individual, group, and family counseling.

Anyone who is more comfortable speaking Spanish can also use these centers. Each of these three centers offers addiction treatment for Spanish speakers and most of the staff is bi-lingual, making communicating with counselors and staff easy.

Many times people who suffer from a substance abuse problem also suffer from a co-occurring mental disorder. Aegis Medical Systems offers dual diagnosis treatment, which will address not only the substance abuse problem but work to treat any mental disorder which may be present.

Lodging in Wilmington

Most of the hotels and motels located in Wilmington are locally owned. Guests who are visiting you from out of town can stay at the Right Step Hotel, Bonnie Lee Inn, Monterey Inn, or Eagle Inn Motel.

Those that wish to stay in a corporate chain hotel or a luxury hotel have some options too. The Best Western Los Angeles Worldport Hotel, Varden Hotel, and Hotel Maya are all just a short 5 to 15 minute drive away from Wilmington.

Employment Opportunities in Wilmington

Wilmington is home to the Wilmington Industrial Park. This is a collection of over 75 businesses that have decided to call Wilmington home. Job opportunities may be available at many of these jobs and include construction work, retail sales, shipping and receiving, or marketing.

Other employment opportunities in the area include working at the Wilmington Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles Harbor College, or one of the many secondary or primary schools in the area.

  • Aegis Medical Systems Inc
    • Dual diagnosis treatment (Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders)
    • Addiction treatment for persons with HIV/AIDS
    • Addiction treatment for pregnant/postpartum women
    • Addiction treatment for Christians
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
  • Behavioral Health Services Wilmington Community Recovery Center
    • Adolescents (teen) addiction treatment
    • Court ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders
    • Court ordered addiction treatment
    • Addiction treatment for Christians
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
  • Transcultural Health Development
    • Addiction treatment for women
    • Addiction treatment for Christians
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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