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The first step to getting healthy is admitting that there's a problem. But after that, there's the decision about how a person is going to address a drug or alcohol problem. Typically, the route to recovery involves some sort of rehabilitation or treatment, whether it be inpatient or outpatient. But perhaps just as important as seeking treatment is deciding where exactly to seek it. With rehabilitation centers scattered all over the country, the options are plentiful. While many may seek treatment close to home, others may need a break from the familiar confines that may have driven them down the path they're on in the first place. For those looking to get away, Wasco, California could be the perfect place. Located in the San Joaquin Valley, about 25 miles northwest of Bakersfield, the area offers treatment centers to get people back on a healthy path, as well as sunshine, proximity to area attractions and more.

Nearby Airports

For those seeking a bit of solitude, Wasco might be the right candidate. While small, local airports are located within miles of the city, larger airports are tens of miles away. The closest international airport is Fresno Yosemite International Airport, which is about 100 miles away. The next closest major airport is Los Angeles International Airport, which is about 140 miles away. Getting to Wasco takes a bit of effort, which can be advantageous for someone looking to cut down on distractions during rehab.


Wasco features a semi-arid climate, which is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild to cold winters. During the summer months, it's not uncommon to see temperatures anywhere from the low-90s to the low 100s. But in the winter months, temperatures average in the 50s and 60s and can drop as low as the 30s at night.


With a population of over 25,000, lodging accommodations aren't difficult to find in the region. There are value options, such as the Motel 6 and Super 8 and more expensive accommodations, such as those found at the local Best Western. The availability and affordability makes Wasco an ideal place for someone to seek outpatient treatment or for visitors in town to see patients.

Rehabilitation Centers

There's only one rehabilitation center within the confines of Wasco, the Kern County Mental Health Department Wasco Clinic, also known as just "Wasco Clinic," which offers outpatient treatment in a holistic, alternative manner. Located on 930 F Street, the treatment facility specializes in substance abuse and dual-diagnosis addiction treatment. Wasco Clinic also offers programs specifically for criminal justice groups. It accepts Medicaid and Medicare as payment options, and also charges on a sliding, income-based fee scale. Loans and financing are also available for payment options.

Employment Opportunities

One other attractive thing that Wasco has to offer to patients is the opportunity to start fresh following treatment – especially if said patients are into agriculture. Wasco's economy is largely driven by agriculture, as it's estimated that 55 percent of all of the nation's roses are grown in the city. Other top industries – and potential employers - in the city include oil and gas extraction, as a large oil field is located just miles from the city center.

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