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Tulare is a beautiful community in the great state of California that is located in the country of the same name. According to the 2010 United States Census, the population of Tulare was just over 59,000 people. The city is located in the center of Central Valley and has a wide range of sights, sounds and experiences that will be of great benefit both to people who are visiting individuals who have entered drug abuse information and rehabilitation programs, as well as the people who are in those programs themselves. The mission statement of Tulare is to "promote a quality of life that makes the city a desirable place to live, learn, play, work and prosper," which is evident in almost everything that the city does on a daily basis.

Airport Information

National and international commercial flights are available for people coming into the Tulare area for the purposes of treatment in a few nearby areas. These include Fresno, which is about one hour away. Bakersfield is another option, which is also around one hour from Tulare.


The climate of Tulare is generally described as a pleasant one, which will be especially notable for people who are moving back into the world from a drug abuse program. The average rainfall per year is around 10 inches, which is consistent with other areas in the state. Tulare generally has pleasant winters and hot, dry summers with an average temperature ranging from 95 to 110 degrees or more.

Drug Abuse Information and Rehabilitation Centers

The Kings View Substance Abuse Program in Tulare County is not just one of the top drug abuse information and rehabilitation centers in the Tulare city area, it also holds the distinction of being one of the highest quality faculties of its type in the state of California. The facility offers a wide range of services designed to better serve those in need, including alternative treatment and holistic rehabilitation treatment options. Also available at the facility are outpatient counseling treatment options, treatment for teen addiction and treatment for people who speak Spanish.


Lodging opportunities in Tulare abound, especially for individuals who are either visiting people in drug abuse rehabilitation programs or for individuals who have recently left these programs themselves. In addition to the wide range of high quality top hotel chains like Courtyard by Marriott and Holiday Inn, a wide range of smaller bed and breakfast options exist that create a much more intimate environment for people spending a little time away from home.

Employment Opportunities

A wide range of high quality employment opportunities are available to people living in and around Tulare who have exited drug abuse information and rehabilitation programs. Land O'Lakes is the largest employer in the area, for example, with 580 employes on staff at any given time. The second largest employer in the area is Nestle, which employees 300 residents of Tulare. Additional top employers in the area include Walmart, Southern California Edison, Saputo, Tulare Cultured Specialties, Ruiz Foods, J.D. Heiskell and Company, Kraft Foods and more.

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