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When it comes to overcoming addiction and getting healthy, arguably just as important to admitting that there's a problem is the matter of deciding where to get the help to treat it. And with thousands of treatment centers dotted across the United States, deciding on a facility can be more difficult than initially imagined. For those that enjoy the sun, beach and west coast way of life, an appropriate option is Studio City, a 34,000-person neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles.

Named initially for a studio lot erected in the neighborhood in the 1970s, Studio City offers patients an affluent - yet personable - place to seek treatment, while being close enough to enjoy all the area features and amenities that SoCal living has to offer.

Airports Near Studio City

Being that Studio City is a neighborhood of Los Angeles, getting to this populated area of the state isn't difficult - both for those seeking treatment and for those who want to visit friends or family members seeking treatment in the area. Burbank's Bop Hope Airport is technically the closest, being only 6 miles away, but it's a small airport compared with the much larger alternatives in the area. Along these lines, there's Los Angeles International Airport, which is about 25 miles away from Studio City. Another option is Long Beach Airport, located about 40 miles away.

Studio City Weather

Los Angeles - and thereby the neighborhood of Studio City - has what's defined as a subtropical Mediterranean climate, meaning that the summers are hot and the winters are warm. Being that Studio City is located in the San Fernando Valley, however, temperatures have a tendency to be hotter compared to other parts of the city. Summer temperatures vary from the high-80s to high-90s, while winter temperatures usually start in the high-60s and top out in the low-70s.

Studio City Rehabilitation Centers

There are two rehabilitation centers within Studio City's neighborhood limits - the Action Family Counseling Action Family Center and Hollywood Recovery Treatment Center. The former, which is located on Ventura Boulevard, specializes in substance abuse treatment, dual diagnosis addiction treatment and detox. While it treats all patients, the center is particularly qualified to treat adolescents through its outpatient counseling services. The latter, Hollywood Recovery Treatment Center, is another outpatient counseling center and specializes in substance abuse treatment as well as dual diagnosis treatment.

Studio City Lodging

There are a variety of places to stay in both Studio City and the greater Los Angeles area, such as the Motel 6, The Queen Mary and the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City. The Sportsmen's Lounge, BLVD Hotel & Spa and Studio City Court Yard Hotel are other options.

Studio City Employment Opportunities

Being that Los Angeles is the nation's second-largest city, there's a lot of opportunity in the area, making Studio City and ideal place to plant roots and start fresh after getting healthy. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, so there's employment opportunities in film and media. But it's also a manufacturing Mecca, the largest in the western U.S. Los Angeles is the third-largest economic center in the world, so there's opportunity in everything from entertainment to technology to tourism.

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