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Patients who are considering where to go through rehab should never forget to carefully consider location. Choosing the right location can help ensure that the patient is properly relaxed and focused on recovery. Those who are considering Stanton, California will find a small city of just under 40,000 people that has a rich community culture and is not far from the coast. Here are a few factors that any patient considering the area should keep in mind.

Getting there

It is important for patients and their loved ones to keep in mind the location of the town's airports because they will likely be the best way to get in and out of the city. The closest airport to Stanton is the John Wayne Airport, which offers domestic and international flights out of Santa Ana, California, just 14 miles from Stanton. Long Beach Airport offers domestic flights and also 14 miles from Stanton. The Los Angeles International Airport is 33 miles away and is an additional choice for domestic and international flights.

Staying in the Area

It is important for patients and their support system to consider the area's hotels because they will be the best source of lodging for loved ones when they come to visit. Stanton has several different hotel options. The Howard Johnson Inn, Travelodge, and Chester Inn all have rooms beginning in the $50-60 range. Those looking for a few more amenities may appreciate either the Best Western PLUS, which has rooms beginning just over $100 per night, or the Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, which begins at $271 per night.

The Environment

It is important for patients and their families to never discount the importance of the climate, which can impact mood and motivation. The Stanton area tends to be warm, with the summers having highs in the mid 80's while the winters have highs in the upper 60's and low 70's. Most of the rain in the area falls between November and March while May through September receives very little precipitation.

Job Opportunities

Finding a job is an important part of recovery because it helps the patient get started on the path to success. Jobs in the Stanton area range from drivers to data entry to assessment assistants. There are also entry level office positions, retail jobs, and restaurant jobs.

Rehab Options

In addition to selecting the right location, choosing the right program can have an impact on the patient's success in treatment. Within Stanton, California itself, there is the Western Pacific Rehab, which has outpatient treatment for substance abuse issues. They offer detox treatments, help with drug and alcohol abuse, methadone maintenance, and methadone detox.

In nearby Anaheim, California, another option is the Heritage House Village. This center provides services specifically for children 5 and under along with their families. They provide assessments, individual and group counseling, 12 step support groups, educational.vocational assistance, and discharge planning for patients.

Making the decision to enter rehab can be a new start for patients struggling with substance abuse issues. Keep the importance of location in mind and carefully evaluate to see if Stanton, California is the right place to be.

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