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When patients make the decision to enter rehab, they are embarking on a journey that can change their lives. It is critical that they find the right place to begin this journey because it can determine their success. Those considering Saugus, California will find a neighborhood of Santa Clarita. Although it was once a separate community, it merged in 1987 with three other towns to form the city of Santa Clarita. The neighborhood is welcoming and diverse, not far from the California coast. Those interested in going through treatment in the area should keep the following factors in mind.

Getting there

It is important for patients to know how to get in and out of the area so that their support system can come visit when needed. The closest airport is the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California which is 20 miles away. The closest international airport would be the Los Angeles International Airport, which is 39 miles from the city.

Staying in the Area

It is also important for patients to know where the local hotels are so that they can find places to stay before and after treatment and so that their loved ones have lodging when they come to visit. There are a number of hotels in the area. The Santa Clarita Motel has rooms starting at $62 per night. The Holiday Inn Express, the Hilton Garden Inn, and the Hampton Inn all have rooms starting around $100 per night. The Residence Inn and the Hyatt Regency begin their room rates around $150 per night.

The Environment

Patients should never underestimate the power of weather to impact their mood and motivation, and thus should always take the local climate into account. The area generally has hot summers with highs in the mid 90's while winters are mild with highs in the mid 60's. The area experiences moderate rainfall of 1-3 inches between November and March while April through October generally sees little rain.

Job Opportunities

After finishing rehab, one of the most important steps for patients tends to be finding a job that can help them get back on their feet and find stability and motivation to remain clean. There are many retail jobs in the area, as well as positions for receptionists, data entry technicians, and entry level positions at the various medical complexes in the area.

Rehab Opportunities

In addition to selecting the right location, it is also important for patients to find the right rehabs that match their individual needs. Within the Saugus neighborhood of Santa Clarita is the Action Family Counseling center, a drug and alcohol treatment center that takes a multidisciplinary approach with both teens and adults. They offer both inpatient and intensive outpatient services as well as mental health assistance. The center uses a 12 step model.

Santa Clarita is also home to a local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous, which provides a 12 step model for outpatient counseling and group counseling to help people overcome alcohol abuse issues.

Patients preparing to enter rehab know that this is an important decision that can help them have a sober and successful future. It is important to take the time to select the right rehab to improve the odds of success. Those interested in Saugus, California should consider the above factors and see if this neighborhood would be right for them.

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