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Patients who have realized the importance of going through rehab should also note the importance of finding the right location for treatment. Different locations will meet the needs and personalities of different people. Those considering going through rehab in Santa Paula, California will find a small city that is known for its citrus fruits. It is considered by many to be a quaint town that offers a rich local culture that has a touch of Latin American influence. It is a welcoming area that many people appreciate. Those interested in coming to the city should consider the following factors to see if this might be the right area for them.

Getting There

It is important for patients and their loved ones to be familiar with the local airports so they know how to get in and out of the city easily. The closest major airport is the Bob Hope Airport, which is 52 miles away in Burbank. This airport offers domestic flights. There is also the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, which also has domestic flights and is 53 miles away. The closest international airport is the Los Angeles International Airport, which is 71 miles away.

Staying in the Area

Hotels can provide lodging for the support systems of patients going through treatment and can be very helpful. There are several hotels in Santa Paula. The Country Inn & Suites along with The Glen Tavern Inn and the Ocean Gateway Inn all have rooms starting for under $80 per night. Those looking for more luxurious accommodations will find the Ojai Valley Inn, a 5 star hotel that has rooms starting around $279 per night, to be more to their liking.

The Environment

It is important for patients to carefully consider the local climate when looking for the perfect treatment location as weather can impact people's moods and motivation. The weather in Santa Paula tends to be warm with temperatures in the summer around the mid 80's while the temperatures in the winter tend to be around the upper 60's and low 70's. The area experiences considerable rain in certain months, especially December through March, but tends to have very dry summers.

Job Opportunities

Patients finishing rehab should focus on finding a good job that can help them find stability and motivation so that they can reach their goals for sobriety. Santa Paula has a large agricultural economy, which means that there are many position involved in this industry. There are also several jobs associated with entry level business positions, front desk positions, retail positions, and restaurant related jobs.

Rehab Opportunities

In addition to finding the right location, it is also important for patients to find the right rehab program that will address their individual problems. Oficina Intergrupal Sur Y Este is a substance abuse treatment program in Santa Paula that offers residential treatment programs and drug detox services. There are family programs, group therapy, and individual therapy to help patients cope with their diseases and begin the process of recovering.

Aegis Medical Systems is also located in Santa Paula. This program focuses on using medications to help patients cope with withdrawal and detox. They offer caseload management and care coordination to ensure that the needs of each patient are met on an individual basis. They also have individual and group counseling as well as support groups to help all patients meet their long term goals. There are also educational programs, assistance from social workers, and crisis intervention.

Making the decision to enter rehab is critical to success. Patients should take the time to carefully evaluate the different locations and find the area and program that will best help them achieve sobriety and begin working towards a new future.

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    • ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired
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    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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