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5 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Santa Monica, California

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Just west of Los Angeles lies the beach side community of Santa Monica. The home to the stars as well as a diverse, eclectic, and fun group of residents, this community is ideal for patients who are hoping to recover from their addiction in a fresh and exciting place. Santa Monica offers patients the chance to become a part of a city with a culture all its own, as well as enjoy the comforts that come along with living on the Pacific Coast. The city boasts a population of nearly 90,000 people. Its residents have enjoyed a steady period of growth and economic development that has lead to a revitalized downtown and a booming tourism industry.

Traveling to Santa Monica

Most people who are relocating to Santa Monica or traveling to this city to visit family and friends will find that Los Angeles International Airport is the best option for air travel. This large airport offers domestic and international flights for its passengers from numerous airlines. It is located just 14 miles from Santa Monica. An alternative airport that can be used is the Bob Hope Airport. This airport offers domestic flights and is located about 23 miles away.


Santa Monica enjoys consistently gorgeous weather all year long, which is why it has become one of the most famed resort communities in California. Patients who choose to get treatment in Santa Monica benefit from the sunshine and warm breezes. Addiction treatment can be challenging, and the perfect weather in Santa Monica can make it more bearable for patients. Throughout the year, temperatures remain between 65 and 75 degrees. In Santa Monica, it's never too warm nor too cold.

Alcohol Recovery Treatment Centers in Santa Monica

There are 10 different alcohol recovery treatment centers in Santa Monica, each one offering specialized treatment programs for specific patients. The Good Samaritan Services Turning Point facility provides treatment to pregnant and postpartum women. This facility focuses on holistic care for its patients, and it offers outpatient counseling programs as well as partial inpatient programs for those who need additional help and support. The Charles Glodner Counseling Group is a treatment facility for teen boys and girls. It is an outpatient counseling center.


With an idyllic location along the coast and plenty to see and do, many people travel to Santa Monica throughout the year in order to enjoy a good time. Patients love the fact that they can easily find temporary lodging in this city, and they also like that their family members and friends can find a place to stay when they visit. Hotels in this city include Shutters on the Beach, the Shangri-La Hotel, and the Best Western Ocean View Hotel.


Santa Monica is not only the home to many celebrities, but it also is the home to many corporate headquarters. This city offers residents a diverse economy with ample job opportunities. Companies that are based out of Santa Monica include TOMS shoes, Universal Music Group, and Lionsgate Films. Santa Monica also is known for its game development industry.

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