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17 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Santa Barbara, California

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People often refer to Santa Barbara as the "American Riviera," and for good reason. This gorgeous city is situated between the breathtaking Santa Ynez Mountains and the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Largely known as a resort community, this city also boasts a diverse economy and plenty of job opportunities for new residents. With a population of about 89,000 residents, patients who are hoping to overcome their addiction to alcohol will find that Santa Barbara is big enough to start a new life but small enough to feel like an intimate community.

Airports near Santa Barbara

Patients who are considering relocating to Santa Barbara for treatment will find that it is very convenient to fly to this city. The Santa Barbara Municipal Airport offers domestic flights for travelers, and is located about 10 miles outside of the city. Travelers who are interested in utilizing a larger airport will find that the Los Angeles International Airport is their best option. This airport, which offers both domestic and international flights, is about 98 miles away from the city.


In addition to stunning views, Santa Barbara also offers its residents pristine weather throughout the entire year. The winter months are balmy and filled with sunshine. Temperatures typically stay around 65 degrees. During the summer, residents in this community enjoy perfect temperatures that stay between 75 and 85 degrees on most days. This weather is ideal for those who are hoping to recover from addiction because it helps patients to feel comfortable and happy while they undergo treatment.

Alcohol Recovery Treatment Centers in Santa Barbara

There are 17 different alcohol recovery treatment centers in this city, many of which offer specialized treatment programs designed to provide patients with the individual care that they need. The Phoenix of Santa Barbara is a luxury treatment center that provides holistic care as well as outpatient counseling for its patients. It specializes in dual diagnosis treatment programs. Santa Barbara Rescue Mission Bethel House is a residential treatment facility for women. It provides long-term programs that last for 60, 90, or 120 days.


Largely known as a resort community, Santa Barbara is home to many different hotels, motels, and luxury resorts. Whether someone is looking for temporary lodging or they are hoping to find a place to stay while they visit a loved one who is receiving treatment, they are sure to find the accommodations they need in this city. Popular hotels include the Simpson House Inn, the Spanish Garden Inn, and the Harbor House Inn.

Economic Outlook

The Santa Barbara economy is strong and stable, largely because there are many different industries that thrive here. This makes it a wonderful place for patients to start fresh and begin a new career. The tourism industry plays a major role in the economy, but people of all different backgrounds are able to find employment here. Other important industries include the technology industry, health care, agriculture, finance, and manufacturing. The largest employer in Santa Barbara is the University of California, Santa Barbara, which employs about 6,200 people.

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