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Coming to Sanger, CA for drug or alcohol rehab? While in the Fresno area, you’ll have access to gorgeous San Joaquin Valley and the sunny skies of Cali. Enjoy the bounty of nature as you go through rehab and recovery. Once out of rehab for alcohol or drug dependency, Sanger offers many opportunities for employment and extracurricular activities in a therapeutic environment.

Airport Information

The Fresno Yosemite International Airport is the closest airport to Sanger, CA. When planning your venture to Sanger for rehab, note that this airport provides both domestic and international flights. It is located 13 miles out from the center of the city. Thirty-seven miles from Sanger is the Visalia Municipal Airport, where you can find a bevy of domestic flights.


Sanger, CA features a warm and sunny climate. High temperatures average at 80 degrees, while the lows only dip down to 45 degrees in the winter months. While you are in Sanger for rehab, you can anticipate a relatively dry climate. During the winter months, the precipitation hits monthly peaks at an average of 3 inches a month. Mornings are high in humidity, averaging 70 to 90 percent moisture; evenings are arid throughout most of the year. The sun is almost always shining Sanger, so you can expect to have above average levels of sunshine especially during the summer months.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

At Kings View Rural Services patients can find private outpatient drug and alcohol counseling services. You can also find intervention services if you are searching for a rehab program for a loved one. Do you need to access court-approved alcohol counseling services? You are in luck at Kings View Rural Services where you can get DUI services that are self-referred, court ordered or referred by the DMV. Dual diagnoses are provided as applicable. At the Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Service, Inc. Satellite Office in Sanger, take advantage of the D.A.T.E program. Those who are arrested and convicted for a DUI can enter the program, which includes educational sessions and counseling regarding being under the influence of alcohol while driving. Additionally, the Hispanic Commission offers Nuestra Casa, which is an inpatient treatment center for Spanish speaking males with drug or alcohol dependency.


Start your recovery period from alcohol with a stay at the Wonder Valley Ranch Resort. Enjoy a relaxing retreat among foothills in a tranquil setting. Be treated like royalty by friendly staff who serve terrific cuisine and offer planned activities. Additionally, over at the Blossom Trail Bed and Breakfast you are surrounded by an orchard that offers respite from the stresses associated with your rehab and recovery from alcohol or drugs.

Employment Opportunities

Those interested in working in agriculture are fortunate to be staying in Sanger, CA for rehab. This is the most popular industry in Sanger thanks to the plethora of orchards and farm lands in San Joaquin Valley. The second most common type of employment is in production. While staying in Sanger, CA for your rehab from drugs or alcohol, you can take control of your life while working in the manual labor positions that are typical of this area.

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