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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in San Martin, California

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San Martin is an unincorporated agricultural community located in California's Santa Clara County. With its rich culture and view of the majestic mountains, this town is an ideal place to visit and live. If you are considering an alcohol addiction treatment program in San Martin, consult the information below to learn more about the area before you arrive.

Nearest Airport

If you are planning to fly into the San Martin area, the closest airport is the San Jose International Airport, which is located approximately 26 miles away from San Martin. If you are unable to schedule your flight to arrive at this airport, schedule it for the Monterey Regional Airport instead, which is approximately 37 miles away from your final destination.


The climate in San Martin is characterized as Mediterranean and warm. In the summer months, the temperatures in San Martin frequently reach 90 degrees. In the winter months, lows fall to the mid 30s. The warmest months in San Martin are July and August, while the coolest months are January and December.

San Martin receives approximately 18.9 inches of rain each year. The greatest amount of precipitation falls during the winter, while the least precipitation falls during the summer. Snowfall is extremely rare.

Rehab Centers in San Martin

A variety of different alcohol addiction treatment centers are available in San Martin and the surrounding area. A few of these facilities include:

Central California Rehab

Located within the boundaries of San Martin, Central California Rehab serves patients who are dealing with addictions to alcohol and other controlled substances. The ultimate goal of programs at this facility is to help patients overcome their addiction while always treating them with dignity, respect and compassion. Programs available include outpatient, intensive outpatient and residential treatment.

New Life Recovery Centers

Located in the nearby city of San Jose, New Life Recovery Centers is a drug addiction treatment facility that offers outpatient programs, residential treatment and sober living options. The goal of programs at this facility is to treat the patient's mind, body and spirit in order to facilitate a lasting recovery. Financing is available for patient who cannot afford to pay upfront.

Positive Progression, Inc.

Positive Progression, Inc. is another treatment organization located in nearby San Jose. This facility offers assessments, detoxification and customized treatment services for patients who are suffering from alcohol or drug addictions.


Whether you are looking for a place to stay after your treatment program is complete or trying to help a visitor find a hotel room, you may need to know about lodging options in San Martin. Below are some of the hotels available.

  • Comfort Inn
  • Best Western
  • Microtel Inn and Suites
  • Hampton Inn
  • Quality Inn

Employment Opportunities

After you have completed your treatment program, you may decide to remain in the San Martin area and find a job. The agricultural industry in San Martin is active and strong, so employment opportunities may be available in this field. You may also be able to find work in the neighboring community of San Jose.

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