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3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in San Marcos, California

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Living in a thriving, welcoming community is essential to helping you live a happy and healthy sober lifestyle. San Marcos, California is a booming, mid-sized city that is ideal for individuals who are looking to relocate to a new area after their stay at a residential drug/alcohol rehabilitation center.

In San Marcos, everything you need to get a fresh start on life is right at your fingertips. Numerous job opportunities, a supportive community, and easy access to outpatient services allow you to successfully transition to sober living.

Airport Information for San Marcos

Visiting family members and friends can use the San Diego International Airport. It is located just 37 miles away from the city center, which is about a 45 minute drive.

People flying into and out of San Diego International Airport will not have an issue finding a flight. There are approximately 600 international and domestic flights from major carriers including Southwest and Alaska Airlines.

Weather for San Marcos

The Pacific Ocean really impacts the weather experienced in San Marcos. Winters are comfortable and cool with an average temperature of approximately 60 degrees. Summers are warm, yet not too hot thanks to the cool ocean breeze that blows into the area. The average summer temperature is 80 degrees with some days going into the 90s and 100s.

Rain showers are uncommon during the summer months, but do occur in late autumn and early winter. The average yearly rainfall for the area is approximately 10 inches.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

All of the resources in San Marco are created with the purpose of helping you maintain sobriety after your stay in a rehabilitation center. Attending regular individual counseling sessions, family counseling, and support group meetings can help you learn valuable skills that help you during this transitional phase.

CRC Health Group Capalina Clinic offers outpatient counseling services. Clinical staff members can help you navigate the sometimes stressful experience of transitioning out of a residential rehabilitation center by offering weekly individual counseling sessions. Family counseling and support group meetings are also held at this clinic.

The Mental Health Systems Inc. Teen Recovery Center focuses on helping teens overcome any substance abuse problems. Even though this program is dedicated to teens, adults are welcome to take part in support group meetings and even attend individual counseling sessions at this rehabilitation center.

Occupational Health Services: Driving Under the Influence Program wants to prevent DUIs before they happen. This program offers addiction treatment programs for teens, men, and women. Even though you have successfully completed a residential treatment program, these services are great supplemental resources that can help you stay sober.

Lodging in San Marcos

Find a comfortable place for friends and family members to rest their head while visiting you in San Marcos. There are four hotels available to visitors that offer comfortable, affordable lodging. The Residence Inn, Lakehouse Hotel & Resort, Hampton Inn, and Ramada Limited are located close to everything in San Marcos and perfect for temporary stays to the area.

Employment Opportunities in San Marcos

Employment opportunities in San Marcos can be found in a variety of industries ranging from healthcare and manufacturing to retail and hospitality. Hunter Industries, UPS, Walmart, Fry's Electronics, and Costco Wholesale are the area's top employers and may have available job openings. Other major employers to the area include the San Marcos Unified School District, PCL Construction Inc. and Oncore Manufacturing Services.

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