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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in San Andreas, California

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Originally founded during the California Gold Rush, San Andreas is an unincorporated town located in California's Calaveras County. If you are planning to enroll in alcohol addiction treatment in this small historic town, the information below will help you prepare for the experience.

Nearest Airport

For travelers planning to fly into San Andreas, the closest airport is the Sacramento International Airport, which is 61 miles from the town of San Andreas. The next closest airport is the Merced Regional Airport, which is approximately 64 miles away from your final destination.


San Andreas has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mildly cool winters. Highs in the summer months are typically in the mid 90s, while the highs in the winter months fall to the 50s. Lows in the winter months remain in the high 30s or low 40s. The coldest months in San Andreas are December and January, while the hottest months are July and August.

Average monthly precipitation in San Andreas ranges from no rainfall to slightly over 4 inches. The most precipitation falls in January, while the least precipitation falls during the month of July.

Rehab Centers in San Andreas

You will find several alcohol rehab centers in San Andreas and the surrounding area. A few of these facilities are listed below.

Calaveras County Behavioral Health Services

The substance abuse program at Calaveras County Behavioral Health Services is designed to treat adults and adolescents who are dealing with an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. This facility offers an intensive outpatient program, substance abuse education, intervention services and more.

Azure Acres Recovery Center

Azure Acres Recovery Center is a treatment facility located in the nearby city of Sacramento. This center offers residential addiction treatment programs based on a 12-step approach to recovery. Treatment options offered at this facility include substance abuse education, recovery skills training, relapse prevention, individual counseling, group therapy, sober recreation and more.

Pathways Recovery

Also located in Sacramento, Pathways Recovery is an alcohol and drug detoxification facility that focuses its efforts on the first step in the process to recovery: detoxification. After this part of the process is complete, patients are able to transition into the next phase of treatment based on an individualized treatment plan the staff develops.


When people visit you during the course of your treatment, or if you need somewhere to stay before or after your program, you may need to find a hotel in San Andreas. Below are some of the lodging options currently available in the area.

  • Travelodge Angels Camp
  • Resort at Angels Camp
  • Cooper House Bed and Breakfast Inn
  • The Hotel Leger

Employment Opportunities

Some patients may decide to live and work in the San Andreas area after their treatment is complete. If you choose to remain in the area, you may find employment in one of the city's restaurants or inns. However, because San Andreas is a relatively small community, you may have better luck finding employment in a nearby city, such as Sacramento.

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