Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Redlands, California

Redlands is a top choice for many people seeking addiction treatment because of its easy access to many cities and airports. If you’re traveling to reach for substance abuse treatment, Redlands is a convenient location to seek help.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers in Redlands, California

Redlands is located in a bustling urban area of California. It has several resources for individuals that are seeking help with substance abuse, such as the following rehab centers:

Loma Linda University Health

Loma Linda University Health allows individuals to choose between an inpatient and outpatient rehab program, using a 12-step, self-help approach. This alcohol and drug treatment facility offers care for many substance addictions, including addiction to prescription medication.

Benchmark Transitions

Benchmark Transitions is an inpatient, residential rehab program that offers addiction treatment to people of all ages while specializing in care for young adults. It also provides prevention services to help the community at large.

For people seeking an alternative to the 12-step approach, Benchmark Transitions provides unique and holistic care.

Redlands Center For Change

Redlands Center for Change provides drug and alcohol treatment for individuals in the Redlands Drug Court system. This rehab program helps individuals break free from substance abuse so they can continue their lives without a jail sentence.

Treatment includes counseling, education, and socialization, as well as referrals for employment and community services.

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Traveling For A Rehab Program

Though people come to Redlands from all over the country seeking addiction treatment, not every individual will find the right program for their needs in the same place.

Traveling for treatment is an opportunity for someone to compare different treatment approaches and methods. It is vital for a recovering individual to enroll in a rehab program that agrees with their personal beliefs for the greatest chance of success.

The right substance abuse program may take someone out of Redlands, or even out of California. This may be the positive change they need as a first step toward recovery.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Redlands, California

For those who want more addiction treatment options near Redlands, California, there are a variety of alcohol and drug rehab centers close by in larger California cities like San Bernardino.

Inland Valley Recovery Services, Upland And San Bernardino, California

Inland Valley Recovery Services serves 5,000 individuals annually with substance abuse issues through residential or outpatient treatment. It uses a holistic approach that supports the family and social networks during the recovery process.

Substance Abuse In Redlands And San Bernadino County

The rates of drug use and drug-related accidents in Redlands and San Bernadino County are comparable to the rest of California. Some substance abuse statistics that indicate this trend include:

  • Opioid and alcohol treatment admissions are on the rise in San Bernardino County.
  • In San Bernadino County in the last 10 years, deaths related to drug abuse have fallen compared to the previous 10 years.
  • Treatment for methamphetamine and opioid addiction make up a large percentage of the drug addiction services in San Bernadino County.

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