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Pittsburg is a city with a population of just over 63,000 people as of the United States Census in 2010. Not to be confused with the city in Pennsylvania of the same name (though that one is spelled "Pittsburgh"), Pittsburg is located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay area. If you're visiting a friend in rehab or have recently been released yourself, you'll find Pittsburg to be both warm and inviting for all types of people.

Airport Information

There are two major airports in the area that both visitors and people living in the area for the purposes of rehab can choose from depending on their needs. The first of those airports is Buchanan Field Airport, which is located in nearby Concord. Byron Airport is also located nearby, just to the south of Pittsburg in the town of the same name.


The weather in Pittsburg is very much in line with what you would expect from other cities in this part of the country. The average high temperature annually is around 73 degrees, for example, while the average low is around 48 degrees. June represents the hottest month of the year for residents of Pittsburg with an average high temperature of 91 degrees. Thanks to the fact that Pittsburg has a semi-arid climate, it does not see any significant amount of rainfall annually. The average precipitation is usually only around 13 inches. Generally speaking, the climate in Pittsburg is ideal both for rehab patients and visitors.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

A wide variety of different drug abuse information and rehabilitation centers exist for residents in the Pittsburg, California area to choose from. One of these facilities is the Bi Bett Corp East County Wollam House Center, which specializes in both addiction treatment for women as well as dedicated treatment options for postpartum or pregnant women. Residential beds are also available for the children of clients.

Another center in the area is the Ujima Family Recovery Services Ijima East Intensive Day Treatment Center, which specializes in outpatient counseling treatment. Addiction treatment for women and treatment options for postpartum and pregnant women are also available.


As you would expect from a city of this size, Pittsburg has a large number of different lodging opportunities available to both visitors and people who have been recently released from rehab. Some of the top options in the area include the Hilton Concord, the Walnut Creek Marriott, Lafayette Park Hotel and Spa and the Motel 6 Pittsburg. A large number of boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts and other smaller lodging opportunities are also available for people to choose from depending on their needs.

Employment Opportunities

According to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report released by the city of Pittsburg in 2009, the top ten employers in the area employ several thousand residents on a regular basis. If you've been recently released from rehab and are looking for a place to work, Pittsburg Unified School District represents the top employer in the city with 965 employees. USS-POSCO Industries, Los Medanos Colelge, Dow Chemical Company and the City of Pittsburg also regularly employ people from the area. Angelica, Ramar Foods, WinCo Foods and Wal-Mart are also counted among the top employers in the area.

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