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Pico Rivera is a city located in the south eastern portion of Los Angeles County in the great state of California. Pico Rivera is located just 11 miles from downtown Los Angeles, placing it both close enough to everything that particular city offers but far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle of such a significant urban environment. This is especially useful with regards to the wide range of rehabilitation options that are in the area. Whether you're visiting Pico Rivera for a limited period of time to check in on a friend or will be staying there for an inpatient treatment program, you'll find that it is every bit as welcoming as you would hope and has a variety of points of interest that will always keep you engaged.

Airport Information

Because Pico Rivera is located in such close proximity to downtown Los Angeles, it should come as no surprise that the major airport that services visitors in the area is Los Angeles International Airport. Also commonly referred to as LAX, it is estimated that the airport is a major travel source for millions of people each year. Those visiting friends in rehab or those moving into the area for rehab themselves will find it easy to book flights through LAX.


For those who have completed treatment and are looking for a relaxing setting, the weather in Pico Rivera is consistent with other cities in this part of California. Summers are traditionally dry and a bit humid, with the average daily high per year falling around 75 degrees. The average low can sometimes get down to around 59 degrees depending on the month. Pico Rivera sees a bit of precipitation, usually experiencing around 12 inches of rainfall on an annual basis.

Drug Abuse Information and Rehabilitation Centers

There are two major drug abuse information and rehabilitation centers in Pico Rivera that residents can choose from depending on their needs. The first of those is the Southern CA Alcohol and Drug Programs Inc. Angel Step Inn, which specializes in addiction treatment for women as well as pregnant and postpartum women. Outpatient counseling treatment options are also available depending on the need.

Tavarua Health and Rehabilitation Services also operates a facility in the area which includes holistic rehabilitation treatment and a number of other alternative treatment options. Outpatient counseling is also available, as is addiction treatment designed with Spanish speakers in mind. Treatment options designed specifically for pregnant women and postpartum women are also available at the facility.


With a city as large and as varied as Pico Rivera, it should come as no surprise that lodging opportunities are just as eclectic. If you've completed treatment and would prefer a more traditional experience when staying away from home, a large number of hotel chains like the Best Western and Holiday Inn operate locations in and around Pico Rivera. Thanks to the fact that the city is so close to Los Angeles, the local bed and breakfast market is also booming.

Employment Opportunities

A large number of notable companies act as the top employers in Pico Rivera for the recently rehabilitated. The El Rancho unified School District is the number one employer as it currently has over 1,600 employees. Wal-Mart, the City of PIco Rivera, BakeMark USA, Target, Cintas, Lowe's and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs' Department also have a significant employment presence in the area.

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