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The right environment can play a big part in the rehab process. Sometimes "getting away from it all" is exactly what's needed in order to start a new life. The quaint city of Paso Robles can provide just that, and this small agricultural town may be the perfect location for some patients. Those looking for rehab facilities for themselves or their loved ones will benefit from learning more about Paso Robles and what it has to offer.

Getting There

Whether it's to visit a loved one who's in rehab or to plan a trip for a patient, knowing how to get to Paso Robles will help calm some of the fears about this new venture. The San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport is located approximately 32 miles south of Paso Robles and provides connections from major airports such as San Francisco and Los Angeles through two airlines: US Airways and United. Shuttles and rental cars are both available from the airport: however, there are no city bus lines running into Paso Robles from San Luis Obispo.

The Environment

The weather and general environment can play a big role in helping a patient feel comfortable in a rehab program. The temperatures in Paso Robles range from mid-nineties in the summer to low-forties in the winter. Located approximately 35 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Paso Robles is protected by coastal winds and fog, but does enjoy cooling sea breezes in the evening. Paso Robles is primarily an agricultural town surrounded by rolling hills planted with grapes, nut trees and a variety of local crops.

Lodging Options

Family and friends who want to visit their loved one in Paso Robles will find a variety of options. The Town House Motel is located at 2749 Spring Street and offers rooms from 55 dollars per night. Farmhouse Motel has rooms from 69 dollars per night and is located at 425 Spring Street. Starting at $169 per night, La Bellasera Hotel and Suites is located at 206 Alexa Court.

Rehab Facilities

There is no one "perfect" rehab program anywhere. Finding the best program to fit each person's needs is what creates a perfect fit. The Lifestyles Recovery Center of Paso Robles is located at 715 24th Street and offers individual counseling, open meetings, women-only meetings and a relapse prevention program. The San Luis Obispo County Drug and Alcohol Services provides walk-in services, programs for youths and adults and court-mandated services. In Paso Robles, the SLOCDAS can be found at 1763 Ramada Drive.


Rehab patients often find they feel a connection to the location where they succeeded in rehab. The best strategy for finding work in Paso Robles is to speak with a program counselor. Opportunities for retail positions, restaurant servers and home-health workers are frequently available. Paso Robles is conveniently located near several other small cities and many residents in Paso Robles make the short commute to work in other locations.

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