Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Paramount, California

Paramount, California is a city of 54,000 people in Los Angeles County and is part of the greater Los Angeles metro area. This particular city has seen steady population growth over the last decade. The fact that Paramount is a suburban oasis does not protect its residents from drug and alcohol problems, and area rehab centers are available in nearby communities.

Rehab Centers In Paramount, California

Paramount no longer has a local rehab center. However, this particular facility has only moved to nearby Downey. Those seeking treatment options will need to travel a little ways from Paramount to get the help they require.

Rehab Centers Near Paramount, California

Thankfully, many communities near Paramount offer effective drug and alcohol rehab center options. Consider addiction treatment centers in Downey, Bellflower, and Lynwood.

Southern California Alcohol And Drug Programs, Inc., Downey, California

Southern California Alcohol and Drug Programs operate several facilities near Paramount. Residential facilities in Downey and Bellflower offer gender-specific treatment for men and women, while outpatient facilities in Downey offer additional treatment options. This organization also offers help for domestic violence victims.

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Little House, Inc., Bellflower, California

Little House is a 28-bed residential facility offering certified group and individual therapy. In addition, this facility offers training in anger management, domestic violence, codependency, and job preparedness. Many of the services offered have a family-focused nature, helping residents get the help they need to reunite families after addiction.

BAART Programs, Lynwood, California

With a focus on medication-assisted treatment, BAART Programs offers addiction treatment in Lynwood. Clients receive counseling while also receiving medication to help alleviate strong drug cravings and uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. BAART also integrates medical care and mental health services into the treatment offered.

Substance Abuse In Paramount & Los Angeles County

In Paramount, substance abuse is not a new problem. Many find themselves or their loved ones struggling with this condition, which is why addiction treatment centers are growing in number and demand. These statistics are part of the reason this problem is such a serious one:

  • From 2010-2014, over 700 Los Angeles county residents died because of drug poisoning.
  • Of that number, almost 300 people died due to opioid poisoning.
  • In 2015, 10,610 drug reports due to methamphetamine were made in Los Angeles County.
  • Cannabis, the second most common reported drug, was responsible for 7,490 reports.
  • In 2015, 30,083 admissions in Los Angeles County were reported for substance abuse treatment, with the majority of admissions related to heroin use.

Traveling For The Best Program

Sometimes the right way to approach recovery is to get away from daily life and focus entirely on treatment. That may require traveling away from home to get addiction help. By being willing to travel away from Paramount and Los Angeles County, and even out of California, those who need treatment are able to focus more strongly on their treatment goals.

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