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Those who have made the decision to enter rehab need to find the location and program that will work best for them. Many patients seeking a moderately sized city in California will appreciate what National City in San Diego county has to offer. The city offers a three mile port area along the San Diego Bay, various museums, historical sites, and a popular local tourism industry. Here are some other criteria that patients and their families should consider when deciding if National City is the right location for alcohol rehab.

Getting there

Knowing the location of the area's airports can be very helpful for patients who will be looking to have a support system come and visit. The nearest airport would by the San Diego International Airport, which offers both international and domestic flights, and is just 8 miles from National City.

Staying in the area

Hotels and motels can provide convenient places to stay for those preparing to enter rehab as well as their loved ones when they come visit. The tourism industry in the area means that there are a number of different types of lodging in National City. Prices vary widely, with some local hotels offering rooms starting around $59 per night while others, such as El Cordova Hotel will have rooms starting around $138 per night. Another affordable option in the area is the Super 8 of San Diego Area, which starts around $55.

The environment

Those preparing to enter rehab in National City should be familiar with the local environment so they will know if the area will match their preferences and personality. Those entering rehab should seek environments that will meet their needs, so they can relax and focus on recovery. The temperature in National City is relatively consistent, with the coolest month being December, when the average high is 67 degrees. August and September, the warmest months, have average highs around 78 degrees. Most of the rain falls in the winter months, although May and June are known for thick cloud cover that keeps the area cool and damp.

Job opportunities

Those going through rehab should be familiar with the job opportunities so they can make preparations for finding gainful employment after finishing their treatment. The tourism industry in the area means that positions with hotels and similar areas of the hospitality industry will likely always be popular. Other job openings focus around retail, office managers, a variety of restaurant positions, and in real estate.

Rehab options

When deciding where to go through rehab, patients should be concerned not only with the city, but also the type of program available. One local option is McAlister South Region Women, which specializes in helping women in alcohol and substance abuse problems. This location offers women-centric programs, such as on-site, co-op childcare and parenting classes in addition to group and individual counseling and ongoing recovery support. Other McAlister Institutes in San Diego County will offer programs for men and those with mental health issues.

Nearby San Diego, which is just 2-3 miles from National City, offers a number of rehab options as well, including Tradition One. The Navy Center offers outpatient care while Tradition One offers long-term treatment inpatient care with individual and group counseling, medical assistance, domestic abuse help, relapse prevention, and more.

Making the decision to enter rehab can be life changing. Keeping these criteria in mind can help patients decide if National City, California is the right place for them to begin treatment.

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    • Dual diagnosis treatment (Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders)
    • Addiction treatment for pregnant/postpartum women
    • Addiction treatment for women
    • Addiction treatment for Christians
    • Outpatient counseling treatment
    • Holistic rehabilitation treatment, alternative treatment

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