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Making the decision to enter rehab takes courage, but selecting the right program can be confusing. With so many programs available across the country it may be easier to decide on a location first, and then find the right program in that environment. Located in northern California, Napa City and the Napa Valley region are known for the visual beauty of the environment and the friendly, small-town atmosphere. Patients and their loved ones considering Napa City as a location for rehab need to know a few basics about what the area has to offer.

Airport Information

Getting to Napa City and to begin rehab or to visit a loved one who is in recovery will require a bit of driving for most people. The Napa County Airports isn't open to commercial flights.The San Francisco Airport is approximately 80 miles south of Napa Valley and the Sacramento Airport is approximately 100 miles away. Both are major airports where car rental and bus connections are available.


A pleasant environment helps set the tone for a successful rehab experience. The weather in Napa is best described as "Mediterranean" with summer highs reaching the low eighties and winter temperatures averaging around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall averages approximately 24 inches per year, with most of the precipitation falling between October and March.

Places to Stay

Those visiting their loved ones in rehab deserve to have comfortable, affordable lodging, Because of it's popularity as a tourist destination, there are a variety of hotels, motels and inns in Napa at a variety of price points. The Napa Discovery Inn is located at 500 Silverado Trail and advertises rooms starting at 92 dollars a night. The Best Western Plus is at Soscol Avenue and offers rooms from $154 per night. The Motel 6 Napa has rooms starting at $115 per night and is located at 3380 Solano Avenue in Napa City.

Rehab Facilities

Finding a program that meets each patient's unique needs is an important first step in the recovery process. Duffy's Napa Valley Rehab is a Twelve Step-based facility located at 3076 Myrtledale Road, Calistoga, CA. The facility welcomes both men and women. They offer 30-, 60- and 90-day programs, open meetings and an innovative seven-day program for those who want to understand more about the process of rehab without making a long-term commitment. St. Helena Recovery Center provides a 4-week multi-disciplinary approach to addiction treatment. The facility is open to men and women, and the address is 10 Woodland Road, St. Helena, CA.

Employment Opportunities

Securing work after rehab is vital to long-term success in recovery. A new job marks the chance for a new beginning. Napa City and the surrounding area have a high demand for people working in the service industry. Openings for retail positions, restaurant servers, delivery drivers and travel guides are common. Making an employment plan may be part of the post-care services provided by a rehab facility and should be discussed with counselors before patients leave their program.

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