3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Murrieta, California

The Riverside County community of Murrieta, California, is home to over 103,000 people. This thriving city is one of the state’s fastest growing, as many are discovering the beauty and convenient location of this commuter town, which is close to Los Angeles. For those suffering from substance abuse, Murrieta addiction treatment centers provide hope and recovery options.

Rehab Centers In Murrieta, California

For those living in Murrieta who are seeking addiction help, local drug and alcohol rehab centers offer solutions.

Temecula Valley Comprehensive Treatment Center

Temecula Valley Comprehensive Treatment Center offers medication-assisted treatment in Murrieta to help those recovering for opioid addiction. In addition to using medications to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, this facility offers group and individual counseling services. It also provides support to families through therapeutic interventions.

Ranch Creek Recovery, Inc.

Ranch Creek Recovery offers both outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction and a luxury 90-day residential treatment for those struggling with the dual diagnosis. The holistic treatment programs combine a traditional 12-Step program with therapies like equine therapy, gardening, exercise and acupuncture to treat the whole person. Family counseling is also provided.

MFI Recovery Center

MFI Recovery Center uses evidence-based methods to treat substance use disorders and mental health concerns. By taking a whole-person approach to treatment, MFI Recovery Center is able to provide hope. The facility offers a full continuum of care with several gender-specific residential treatment facilities throughout the region near Murrieta.

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Rehab Centers Near Murrieta, California

In addition to the rehab centers within Murrieta, those who need help will find nearby communities like Temecula offer more treatment options.

Hill Recovery Alcohol And Drug Treatment, Temecula, California

Hill Recovery Alcohol and Drug Treatment is an outpatient treatment center offering treatment for opioid addiction and other drug and alcohol addiction concerns. Combining traditional therapy with innovative options like equine therapy, Hill Recovery Alcohol and Drug Treatment is effective in helping those ready for change achieve recovery.

Substance Abuse In Murrieta & Riverside County

The community of Murrieta is not immune to the challenges of drug and alcohol addiction. Riverside County sees its share of addiction struggles, and many of those touch families in Murrieta. Some of the more challenging statistics include:

  • In 2017, 412 people in Riverside County died due to opioid use alone.
  • That was a rate of 17 deaths per 100,000 living in the county.
  • In 2014, 4.84 percent of the population admitted to prescription drug use for recreational purposes.
  • That same year, 2.64 percent of the population admitted to opioid use disorder.

Traveling For The Best Program

Getting help for addiction is not easy because each individual needs to find an addiction treatment facility that is tailored to their needs. Sometimes that is not the one located nearest to home. For those living in Murrieta who need additional options, traveling to get treatment, including leaving the state of California, can be effective.

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