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Nature meets major suburban city in Mill Valley, California. Surrounded by beautiful forest grooves filled with majestic Redwoods and practically at the foothill of Mount Tamalpais, Mill Valley is a truly relaxing, peaceful place to relocate after staying in a residential drug or alcohol rehabilitation center.

In addition to the peaceful nature of this mid-sized suburban city, Mill Valley has wonderful resources that allow you to start down a path that will allow you to successfully maintain sobriety. Resources that are easily available to people who reside in Mill Valley include numerous job opportunities and helpful outpatient treatment programs.

Airport Information for Mill Valley

Mill Valley is just a quick drive away from San Francisco and visitors will get to cross the famed Golden Gate Bridge. The close proximity to San Francisco means family and friends that are visiting can use the San Francisco International Airport. The San Francisco International Airport is one of the busiest in the United States and offers visitors the opportunity to choose from hundreds of daily flights into/out of the city.

Weather for Mill Valley

Mill Valley's close proximity to the bay means residents to the area will experience mild weather. The summers are typically warm, but not unbearable. While the winters can be cool, yet comfortable.

It is not uncommon to experience extreme winds during the summer months. The canyon areas of Mill Valley experience gusty winds that can blow hot air around. The average temperature during the summer is approximately 85 degrees.

Winters are cooler and calmer. Below freezing temperatures are rare, but can occur occasionally. The average temperature for the winter is approximately 45 degrees. Winter is when the most rain occurs for the area. The average yearly rainfall for Mill Valley is approximately 48 inches.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

Mill Valley provides you with access to two helpful drug abuse treatment services. One service is provided by a private, independent counselor, while the other is a treatment program dedicated to helping individuals learn how to successfully overcome their addictions.

Private, outpatient counseling is provided by Mary Ann Barr PhD. This certified counselor is able to provide independent and family counseling to individuals who have suffered from substance abuse. Counseling sessions will focus upon helping the individual mend relationships with close family and friends, while developing coping skills that will help former addicts live a successful life of sobriety.

Teen Solutions offers addiction treatment for anyone who needs a program that will either help overcome a current addiction or maintain sobriety after a stay at a residential rehabilitation center. Even though there are programs geared for teens with addictions, Teen Solutions provides additional treatment programs for men and women. Attending this program will give you access to support services and counseling services that will help you maintain sobriety.

Lodging in Mill Valley

Family and friends will have the option of staying in traditional hotels/motels or private, comfortable bed and breakfasts. Popular hotels and motels in Mill Valley include Travelodge, Holiday Inn, and America's Best. Private bed and breakfasts include Mountain Home Inn and Tam Valley Bed and Breakfast.

Employment Opportunities in Mill Valley

Re-start your life after a stay at a residential rehabilitation center by finding employment at some of Mill Valley's top employers. These employers include Merrill Lynch, Whole Foods Markets, Enterprise Rental Car, and Mill Valley School District.

Employment opportunities are also available with the City of Mill Valley. These opportunities can include working in the recreation department, as part of the police force, planning and building committee, and fire department.

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