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4 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Marysville, California

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Yuba County's county seat, Marysville, California actually falls on the outskirts of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Sacramento. A small city, boasting just over 12,000 residents and taking up less than four square miles, Marysville is a place of historical significance with a Gold Rush and riverboat past. Home to a number of protected historic sites, Marysville is also a modern town with contemporary amenities, including a few rehabilitation centers for those who need help recovering from substance addiction.

Getting To and From Marysville

Marysville's closest major airport is Sacramento International Airport (SMF), which brings in nonstop flights from many U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and Dallas. The airport is 38 miles south of Marysville, straight down State Route 70.

Yuba-Sutter Transit is Marysville's public transportation system, which provides transportation to and from Downtown Sacramento, as well as to other area destinations.

Average Weather

More than a 100 miles off the Pacific Coast, Marysville doesn't benefit from the sea winds, so summers are generally hot. Average highs in July and August are 97 and 96 degrees, respectively, with lows in the low-60s during those summer months. Winters are far milder. The coldest month of January reaches highs of 55 degrees with lows around 40.

While snow is a fairly infrequent weather event, rain is a common occurrence from November through March, while the summer months remain largely dry. So, depending on when you enter treatment in Marysville, you could experience two very different seasons.

Rehab Centers

Small as it is, Marysville offers some diversity in its substance abuse treatment options. Addiction Treatment Service of Marysville offers detox and methadone programs, as well as a treatment program specifically for pregnant and postpartum women. For Our Recovering Families provides outpatient counseling, along with suboxone and buprenorphine treatment for those trying to overcome opioid dependence, and offers ASL and other assistance for the hearing impaired. Salvation Army Depot Family Crisis Center has both outpatient and residential services, including beds for the children of admitted clients.


Its location on the outskirts of Sacramento gives Marysville the advantage of reasonable housing prices, especially given its Northern California location. One bedroom apartments in the area can be rented for just over $500 per month, while standalone houses rent for just north of $1000 a month.

There are a small number of budget-priced hotels within Marysville's city limits, but neighboring Yuba City offers better variety in accommodation, including a Hampton Inn & Suites and Travelodge, for family and friends who want to come visit during your stay in rehab.


An agricultural hotspot, Marysville, and nearby Yuba City, do not have much employment opportunity for those accustomed to working office jobs. Most jobs beyond agriculture are in the service and banking industries. The public transit connection between Marysville and Sacramento, however, opens Sacramento's job market up to Marysville residents, and top job markets in Sacramento include biotechnology, clean energy technology, and manufacturing. This proximity to Sacramento provides ample opportunity for those seeking to start employment while undergoing drug addiction treatment.

The history and charm of Marysville provide a serene setting for rehabilitation, while nearby Sacramento provides all those city amenities you could want, giving you the best of both worlds for your rehabilitation and recovery.

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