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Integrate yourself slowly back into society after an extended stay at a drug/alcohol residential treatment program by choosing to reside in Markleeville, California. This extremely small town located in Alpine County offers beautiful views of the Carson River and valuable support services needed to help you maintain sobriety.

While Markleeville is a smaller city, it is warm and welcoming making it perfect for people who are trying to transition out of a residential treatment facility. It does not offer inpatient addiction treatment, but its counseling services will help former addicts create a maintenance program that works to keep you sober.

Airport Information for Markleeville

The close proximity to Nevada's boarder means family and friends can fly into the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. This airport is just a short drive away from Markleeville's city center, as it is located approximately 65 miles away.

If visitors wish to fly into an airport in California, the drive will be much longer. The closest major airport in California to Markleeville is Sacramento International Airport, located approximately 130 miles away. Some individuals like to fly into this city and drive to Markleeville because it is an extremely beautiful scenic drive.

Weather in Markleeville

Markleeville weather is rather unusual for California. The city experiences the typical warm summers, but winters are cold and snow-filled. In fact, the city receives approximately 89 inches of snow every year.

The average summer temperature for Markleeville is approximately 85 to 90 degrees. Some days the high will exceed 100 degrees. The winter months can be extremely cold. It is not uncommon for the average winter temperature to go well below freezing. The average temperature for the winter months of November, December, and January is between 15 and 25 degrees.

Drug Abuse Information/Rehabilitation Centers

Residents living in Markleeville can receive outpatient counseling treatment for substance abuse at the Alpine County Behavioral Health Services. Outpatient counseling treatment is ideal for anyone who has completed a stay at a nearby residential rehabilitation center and needs maintenance counseling services.

Alpine County Behavioral Health Services has a clinical staff that is properly trained to administer individual, group, and family counseling to individuals. These counseling services are intended to help former addicts slowly transition into a sober lifestyle. These services can do everything from help try to mend families after substance abuse to provide help and understanding on how to cope with sobriety.

In addition to counseling services, Alpine County Behavioral Health Services provides support groups. Support groups are available for individuals who have suffered from substance or drug abuse.

Lodging in Markleeville

Due to its small size, Markleeville has only a handful of hotels/motels to use. Popular hotels include the Creekside Lodge and the Woodfords Inn, which are independently run.

Those who do not mind staying in a rental home may find lodging through one of the rental agencies. There are numerous vacation rentals and condos that are available for short-term stays.

Employment Opportunities in Markleeville

Markleeville's small nature means that employment opportunities are limited within the actual city limits. Top employers for the area include Alpine County Mental Health, Alpine County Health Department, and Alpine County Fire Station. The school district is another major employer.

Employment opportunities may be available in surrounding cities. There are several hotels/motels in nearby Kirkwood that offer numerous employment opportunities.

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