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Madera is a wonderful city in the state of California that is located comfortably within the county of the same name. Madera is a city that is certainly growing, having gained almost 40,000 new residents between the United States Census surveys that were conducted between 2000 and 2010. Madera is a warm and inviting community that certainly has a wide range of things to do, sights to see and pleasures to enjoy for all types of people.

Airport Information

Though the city of Madera itself does not have its own airport, the county it is located within does. There are two airports that are available to use, both of which offer full general aviation services. One is the Madera Municipal Airport, while the other is Chowchilla Airport. Both are easily accessible to Madera residents via public transportation options.


The climate of Madera is officially classified as semi arid and is very consistent with other cities in the area. During the warm summer months of the year, the temperatures tend to range from around 60 degrees to 98 degrees. The average temperatures during the winter are another story, however, ranging from around 35 degrees to 54 degrees. Madera gets a fair bit of rainfall, usually accumulating around 11 inches per year.

Drug Abuse Information / Rehabilitation Centers

There are two separate drug abuse and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the Madera city area for you to choose from. The first is the Madera County Behavioral Health Services Prenatal Alcohol and Drug Services center, which specializes in holistic treatment and a large number of other alternative treatments. The facility also provides treatment for women as well as women who are either pregnant or who have recently given birth.

The second facility in the Madera area is the Madera County Behavioral Health Services Center, which specializes in addiction treatment for a wide range of different types of people like gays, lesbians, men, Spanish speakers and more. Court ordered addiction treatment, assistance for those with hearing impairments and outpatient counseling treatment options are also available should you need them.


Madera has a wide range of lodging opportunities available for you to choose from depending on your needs. Every major hotel chain that operates on a national capacity is accounted for within Madera including Courtyard by Marriott, Holiday Inn, the Hilton and more. There are also a wide range of different smaller boutique lodging options like bed and breakfasts that are available for people who are looking for a bit of a change of pace.

Employment Opportunities

There are a wide variety of different high quality employment opportunities that are available to those who live in and around Madera. One of the area's largest employers is actually the city of Madera itself. Retail chain stores also abound in the area with positions being available from notable employers like Best Buy, Target, Lowes and more. The Madera Unified School District also happens to be one of the top employers in the area.

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