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Loyalton is a city located in the north east portion of the state of California. Situated in Sierra County, it has a population of around 800 people. Despite its relatively small size, Loyalton is certainly one of the most warm and inviting places that you could ever hope to visit. You'll certainly find that it is a versatile city with many notable attractions, employment opportunities and more for you to enjoy depending on your tastes and preferences.

Airport Information

The major airport that services the residents of Loyalton is the Sierraville Dearwater Field Airport, which is located near the neighboring community of Seirraville. The area is 28 acres in size, has one runway and averages around 83 aircraft operations during a monthly period. For residents who are willing to travel, there are also a large number of notable major airports in the area that they can use to catch domestic flights or international flights to all over the world. Among these are LAX, which is the major airport that operates out of Los Angeles.


Weather in the city of Loyalton is very much consistent with similar areas in the state of California. The average high during the warm summer months of the year is 82 degrees, though the record high was reported at 89. The average lows during those same months of the year are 51. Despite that, the record low range is around 44 degrees. Loyalton, much like other areas in the same portion of the state, does also not receive any type of significant precipitation each year. On an annual basis, the city of Loyalton only receives around 8 inches of rain.

Drug Abuse Information and Rehabilitation Centers

The major drug abuse information and rehabilitation center in the Loyalton city area is the Sierra County Health and Human Services Alcohol and Drug Department. Among its specialties are addiction treatment for women, court ordered alcohol treatment for DUI and DWI offenders, ASL or other assistance that is offered to those with hearing impairments and outpatient counseling treatment. Dual diagnosis addiction is also treated on site, which is when a person is having mental health and substance dependency or abuse issues at the same time. A large variety of different payment options are available to help care for the widest range of people, including military based payment, private health insurance, self payment and even an income based sliding fee scale.


Lodging opportunities in Loyalton, California are consistent with some of the other areas of its size in the state. The Sierra Hot Springs is in nearby Seirraville, California. The Pullman House Inn, which is a locally owned and operated hotel, operates in Portola, California, which is just a short distance away by car. Another notable hotel in the area is the Sierra Motel, which despite its name operates out of the neighboring community of Portola instead of Sierraville, like the Sierra Hot Springs.

Employment Opportunities

A large number of notable employment opportunities exist for residents in the city of Loyalton to take full advantage of depending on their needs. Among those include jobs at locations like US Airways, Wells Fargo, Vail Resorts, the nearby Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, the Desert Research Institute, the Safeway Corporation and more. Large national retail chains are also heavily represented in the Loyalton area and include but are certainly not limited to Best Buy, Target, Walmart and more.

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