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Lotus, California is a very small community that is part of El Dorado County in the northern part of the state. Its close proximity to Coloma and Placerville makes it a good town for individuals who are trying to transition into a drug or alcohol-free lifestyle without giving up the amenities of a larger town or the treatment options that are available.


Although Lotus is a very small community, the Bacchi Valley Industries Airport is only about 1 mile to the north-west of the center of town. Along with the nearby airport, the Akin Airport in Placerville is only about 3 miles to the south and provides additional transportation for visitors to the area or individuals who are planning to move to the small town.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in Lotus and the surrounding small towns of Placerville and Coloma are relatively comfortable throughout the year. According to, the average temperatures in the area range from a low of 38 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months to a high of 92 in the middle of summer. The average highs throughout the year range from 55 degrees to 92 degrees. The temperatures can drop as low as 38 degrees in the winter, but it is rare that the area has heavy snowfall or freezing temperatures.

Drug Rehab

Lotus is a very small community and is sometimes considered part of Placerville and Coloma due to the proximity to the two small towns. There is a Narconon Drug Rehab Center that is roughly 8 miles to the south-east of the center of town that provides treatment to residents trhoughout the local area and to those who move to the area for a transition into a healthy lifestyle.

The treatment program includes a supervised detoxification program, educational programs and therapy to help individuals recover from addiction. After completing the initial treatment program, aftercare is also available to help with the long-term results and transition into a healthy lifestyle.


As a small town with very few residents, Lotus only has one hotel within the town limits. The Lotus Inn offers a place to stay for visitors who want to stay directly in the town.

Those who do not mind a short drive can also stay at the Best Western Plus in Placerville. The Historic Cary House Hotel is another option in Placerville that is close to Lotus and offers an interesting glimpse into the past.


Although the community is small, the surrounding areas offer employment opportunities. City Data reports that many individuals who are not farmers work in management, education, engineering and construction. The variety of industries that offer employment ensure that visitors and new residents can find a job in any area of expertise.

Even though Lotus is a small town that has limited amenities, there are solutions to help with the transition into a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. Furthermore, the town is close enough to neighboring communities so it is possible to find employment in a variety of industries and professions.

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