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5 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Los Alamitos, California

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Imagine living only minutes away from Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and the beach. Imagine waking up each morning to beautiful weather conditions that are warm and comfortable throughout the entire year. Los Alamitos, California offers something for the entire family, even when a loved one is working on recovering from substance abuse.


Although the Los Alamitos Army Airfield is within roughly 1 mile to the south-east of the center of town, it is a military airfield and primarily only allows military planes to fly into the airport. While the only airport in the town is the Army Airfield, John Wayne Airport is roughly 15 miles to the south-east and the Compton/Woodley Airport is also within a reasonable distance of 11 miles to the north-west. The two airports are within a reasonable distance and the drive from the airports to the town is relatively short.


The weather conditions in Los Alamitos are pleasant throughout the entire year. According to, the average lows in the town range from 46 degrees to 65 degrees. Winter weather is relatively mild and it is rare for the temperatures to drop below 45 degrees.

During the summer months, the temperatures are usually warm and mostly comfortable. reports that the average highs throughout the entire year range from 67 to 84 degrees. Although the summer temperatures can sometimes reach the 90s, it is rare due to the close proximity of the ocean.

Drug Rehab

Los Alamitos is a relatively small urban setting with slightly less than 11,700 residents, says City Data. Despite the small size of the town, there is a drug and alcohol treatment facility that offers short and long-term treatment solutions for individuals who are trying to recover from addiction.

The Intervention Association has a treatment facility in Los Alamitos. The facility offers detoxification services that are medically supervised to start the initial treatment. Long and short-term residential treatments are also available. Since addiction recovery can take time and each individual has different needs, the program offers 30 day to 12 month treatment options and determines the length of a stay based on the needs of the individual.

Hotels and Lodging

Although there are several hotels and lodging solutions in the areas that surround Los Alamitos, there are two main hotels within the small city. The Best Western hotel offers a comfortable and budget-friendly option for visitors who have a strict budget. For those who want a slightly more luxurious option, the Residence Inn Marriott is another option within the town.

Employment Opportunities

Los Alamitos is a small town, but that does not prevent it from offering a wide range of employment opportunities in several industries. City Data explains that there are opportunities in the manufacturing, retail, construction, wholesale trade, transportation and professional industries. Due to the wide array of industries that are represented, it is possible to find a job in any area of expertise.

Finding the perfect town for a transition into a healthy lifestyle can seem complicated, but Los Alamitos combines the comforts of a small town with the amenities and attractions of a larger city. It is a good place to consider moving for a treatment program or transitioning after completing a treatment program and working toward long-term recovery goals.

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