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Gaining a new perspective on life can sometimes require a dramatic change. Loomis, California offers the opportunity to make changes without giving up on personal goals or interests. Although the town only has about 6,000 residents, according to City Data, it offers a combination of urban and rural settings that make it a good place to transition into a healthy lifestyle.


Despite the small town atmosphere of the area, there are airports within a reasonable drive of Loomis. The nearest airport is the Lincoln Regional Airport, which is roughly 10 miles to the north-west of Loomis. For individuals who need a larger airport to visit or move to the area, the Auburn Municipal Airport is about 11 miles to the north-east of Loomis and is still within a reasonable distance for visitors to the area.

Average Weather

Loomis has the advantage of comfortable and relatively warm weather conditions throughout the entire year. According to, the lows during the winter months usually range from 39 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit. The highs during the winter months typically range from 54 to 65 degrees and it is rare for the temperatures to drop below freezing or for the area to get snow.

During the summer months, the lows usually range from 57 to 61 degrees and the average highs usually range from 79 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, the weather conditions are mild and comfortable.

Drug Rehab

As a small town, there are limited options to help with recovery or the transition into a healthy lifestyle after completing a recovery program. Re-Entry is a treatment program that is available in town. It primarily focuses on alcohol addiction and may not be appropriate for other types of addictions to drugs. The program offers counseling and group therapy, which can help with recovery.

Although Loomis only has one treatment program within the small town, Roseville is only about 5 to 7 miles from Loomis and there are additional treatment options available in the larger town.


Lodging that is available in Loomis does not focus on traditional hotels; instead, there are two bed and breakfast options that provide lodgings for visitors or individuals who are planning to move to the area.

The Flower Farm Country Inn offers a country and rural environment that is peaceful and comfortable for visitors. Emma's Bed and Breakfast also offers lodgings for visitors to the area.

Employment Opportunities

There are employment opportunities within the area that represent several industries. According to City Data, the construction, retail, manufacturing and professional services industries offer the majority of positions within the small city. There are also positions within food services and finance, which provides employment for a variety of different individuals.

Finding a place to live that combines the comforts of a small town with the nearby amenities of a large city can make it easier to transition into a healthy lifestyle. Loomis may be a small town, but it has treatment options available within the nearby area and the environment can provide a change that makes it possible to recover from addiction for a lifetime.

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