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3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in La Mesa, California

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People who are hoping to recover from their addiction to drugs and alcohol in a comfortable environment amidst a gorgeous landscape will love La Mesa. This city is located in the heart of Southern California, and is just 12 miles away from the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. About 58,000 people reside in La Mesa, and the community has experienced growth since the year 2000. Not only is La Mesa a land of opportunity, but it also offers plenty of resources and support for those who want to achieve permanent sobriety.

Airports near La Mesa

The best airport to utilize when traveling to or relocating to La Mesa is the San Diego International Airport. The large metropolitan airport offers both domestic and international flights for travelers, and it is located just 14 miles outside of the city of La Mesa. This makes La Mesa a convenient and affordable destination for many people.


Located off the coast of the Pacific Ocean and in the southern reaches of California, it comes as no surprise that this community is known for its balmy weather. It is prone to more extreme temperatures because it is situated slightly further away from the Pacific Ocean than San Diego, but many of the people who recover in this community enjoy the blissfully warm days. During the winter, the average temperature is about 70 degrees, while during the summer months the temperature reaches between 80 and 90 degrees.

Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

There are three different alcohol treatment recovery centers in La Mesa, allowing every patient to find the facility that is right for them. Alvarado Parkway Institute BHS is a dual diagnosis treatment center that offers both outpatient counseling services as well as partial inpatient treatment. Parent Care Family Recovery Center also provides day programs, work programs, partial inpatient treatment, and outpatient counseling. McAlister Institute for Treatment and Education/East Region South Teen Recreational Center specializes in adolescent treatment programs. It offers holistic treatment plans, outpatient counseling, and partial inpatient treatment for its patients.


People who are traveling to visit loved ones in recovery facilities in La Mesa will find that the Best Value Inn & Suites - La Mesa is one of the top hotels in the area. This hotel also offers temporary lodging for those who are still searching for their new, permanent home in La Mesa.

Employment Information

La Mesa is known for being a friendly community that has a relatively local economy. Its charming downtown area offers residents an opportunity to frequent locally-owned businesses, and many of the people who live here are able to seek employment at these places. Antique shops and boutique stores line the downtown streets, and the hospitality industry booms on the outskirts of the downtown area. People who are interested in working in the retail industry, restaurant industry, and tourism industry will find that they can make a living doing exactly what they love in La Mesa. It's a great place to start fresh after completing a recovery treatment program.

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