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At the foothills of the Mojave Desert in the Morongo Basin High Desert area is the Southeast California town of Joshua Tree, CA. Two hours east of Los Angeles and a 45 minute drive from Palm Springs, it is adjacent to the famous Joshua Tree National Park and considered the gateway to this national landmark. The small city of Joshua Tree is home to artists and outdoorsy types as well as quaint shops that provide equipment, supplies and adventure gear to those heading to the park to sightsee and rock-climb. It is an excellent natural setting in which to get clean and sober.
Legend has it that the Joshua tree, or Yucca brevifolia, was named by a group of Mormon settlers who came upon it while crossing the Mojave Desert in the mid-1800s. The tree's outstretched limbs reminded them of the Bible story about Joshua lifting his hands upward in prayer.
Rehab clients looking for privacy will appreciate the more remote feel of Joshua Tree, and those who enjoy nature and natural wonders will love the spiritual energy of the famous nearby Joshua Tree Park.

Airport information

Airports accessible to Joshua Tree include Roy Williams, the Burbank Airport and Ontario International Airport. Los Angeles International Airport is about 140 miles from Joshua Tree.


Located 45 minutes from warmer areas like Palm Springs, Joshua Tree can be up to 20 degrees cooler than low desert at any given time. There are about 282 sunny days each year with a high of about 106 degrees in July. Winter lows in January for Joshua Tree can range close to freezing at around 35 degrees. Joshua Tree gets an average of 8 inches of rain per year annually and two inches of snowfall each year. Just 11 days out of the year tend to have precipitation.

Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Centers

Joshua Tree Drug Court
Joshua Tree Center for Change Drug Court is the treatment provider and case manager for the San Bernardino County Drug Court of the city of Joshua Tree. They assist clients in achieving a successful, productive life free of substances and criminal activity. Group and individual counseling is implemented, and program services include early intervention and skill-building in socialization, family education and preventing relapse.


There are a variety of hotels and bed & breakfasts available for visitors to Joshua Tree. The Safari Motor Inn, the Joshua Tree Inn and The High Desert Motel offer affordable places to stay with easy access to the park. Spin and Margie's Desert Hideaway, the Desert Lily and Mojave Sands offer a more intimate B & B experience.

Employment Opportunities

The city of Joshua Tree serves as the hub of the area's regional law enforcement, medical, transportation and educational facilities, and employment in these areas is available. The downtown area caters to visitors and may offer some retail and hospitality positions. The fire department, parks and recreation services, street lighting and the Joshua Basin Water District may offer employment opportunities as well. The Joshua Tree Park itself also requires staff to work within the park and keep it operational for residents, visitors and tourists year-round.

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