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Patients looking for the right rehab to treat their substance abuse problem have many factors that should be considered. Chief among them should be the location. Location influences climate, resources, and even the accessibility of the area for loved ones to come a visit.

The small city of Ione, California interests many people because of its rich history among the Native American population and then its role during the California Gold Rush. The area also has a summer Mediterranean climate which many people enjoy. Here is what patients and their families considering rehab in Ione should know about the area.

Getting there

The area's airports can influence how easy it is for a support system to come and visit the patient in rehab, so it is important for many people. The closest major airport to the city is Stockton Metropolitan Airport, which is 42 miles from the city. There is also the Sacramento International Airport, which is 52 miles from the city.

Staying in the area

Finding lodging is also important for visitors who seek to provide support for loved ones going through a treatment program. There are several hotels, motels, and inns in the area. The Hotel Leger and the Days Inn Sutter Creek both provide affordable conditions with rooms starting between $60 and $70. Those looking for a few more amenities may appreciate the offerings of hotels such as the Shenandoah Inn, which has rooms starting around $129.

The environment

Climate and the local environment can impact patients' moods, their ability to get outside, and their ability to find relaxation and healing in nature. Ione typically experiences warm summers, with average temperatures in the mid 90s. The winter months often see average highs around the mid 50's. Like most of the region, rain is rare in the summer, with July and August seeing almost none but November through April seeing about 2 inches or more on average per month.

Job opportunities

Finding a good job is often considered one of the first steps to reintegrate with society after going through a rehab program because a job provides motivation and stability. Jobs available in the area often focus around entry level positions for the local businesses or front desk positions for various offices. There are also retail positions, sales positions, jobs in the food and other services industries, and similar positions.

Rehab options

In addition to finding the right location, it is also important for patients to find the right rehab program, because different programs have different qualities that might influence how well they will work for particular people. Within Ione, First Step Recovery is available to help those with a substance abuse problem. This program offers residential treatment programs, drug detox services, group and individual therapy, and family programs to help the families of the patient understand the disorder. Those willing to travel with find that the Calaveras County Behavioral Health Center offers outpatient counseling for patients.

The decision to enter rehab is a courageous one that can change the course of peoples' lives. Patients should carefully evaluate Ione, California to see if that is the right place for them.

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