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5 Drug Rehab Centers in Huntington Beach, California

Located on the oceanfront in Orange County, Huntington Beach, California is a community known for its recreation. It is home to over 189,000 people, and the population continues growing as more and more people embrace oceanfront living. Unfortunately, a spirit of recreation can lead to drug and alcohol problems, which local treatment facilities address.

Rehab Centers In Huntington Beach, California

The beachfront location of Huntington Beach is an ideal setting for treatment, and many local alcohol and drug rehab centers are available.

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Rehab Centers Near Huntington Beach, California

In addition to locations in Huntington Beach, those seeking an addiction treatment center can find options in nearby communities like Costa Mesa.

Substance Abuse In Huntington Beach & Orange County

Those who live in Huntington Beach and Orange County are not immune to concerns about drug and alcohol addiction. These numbers show how far-reaching the problem is:

  • Each year, close to 700 people die and over 5,500 people are hospitalized for drug or alcohol overdose in Orange County.
  • In 2017, nearly 70,000 people stayed in the hospital for an average of 4.3 days due to drug or alcohol overdose.
  • Over half of the drug deaths in Orange County in 2017 included the use of prescription drugs.
  • A full 66.8 percent of the deaths included opioid use, with 56 percent of those being prescription opioids.
  • Women in Orange County are 1.6 times more likely to suffer from a prescription drug overdose than men.

Traveling For The Best Program

Though drug and alcohol use seems to have a heavy pull in Huntington Beach and Orange County, treatment is available. However, getting treatment close to home can leave the triggers in place that make addiction more tempting. Traveling to other areas in California, and even other states can be an alternative for finding effective treatment.

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