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Patients who realize the importance of entering rehab often quickly discover that not all programs are the same. Certain programs will fit better for people than others. The fit of the program will depend upon many factors, but chief among them are the comfort of the patient. Comfort is affected by factors such as ensuring that the patient is in a location that they like, that their support system can visit when they are needed, and even their capacity to find a job after treatment.

Once the patient is in the right location, they can begin the search for the right treatment center. Harbor City is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that offers considerably diversity, several parks and recreation areas, and a rich history that helps it appeal to many. Here is what patients and their loved ones should know.

Getting to the area

It is important for patients and their loved ones to be familiar with the area's airports so they can easily enter and leave the area. The closest major airport would be Long Beach Airport in Long Beach, California, which is 11 miles from the city. The Los Angeles International Airport is 18 miles from Harbor City and offers considerable airline and destination flexibility.

Staying in the city

It is also important for loved ones of patients to be familiar with the lodging options in Harbor City so they can find a place to stay. There are a number of options in and around the area. Those looking to save a little money may appreciate options such as the local Motel 6, which offers rooms starting around $61. Those looking for a few more amenities may find hotels such as The Queen Mary, where rooms start around $106, or the Omni Los Angeles Hotel, where rooms start around $170, to be more to their liking.

The environment

It is important for patients and their loved ones to carefully consider climate when considering a place for rehab, as weather can impact people's moods and their motivation. Harbor City experiences relatively consistent temperatures year round, with August and September being the warmest months with average highs of 78 degrees F, and December being the coolest month with an average high of 65 degrees F.

Job opportunities

The jobs available in the Los Angeles area vary widely, which makes it easier for patients who have finished their treatment to find gainful employment. Employment is the first step for those with substance abuse problems to find stability. There are positions in education, in massage therapy, in warehouses, retail, entry level office positions, and positions related to the tourism industry, to name a few.

Rehab options

After patients have determined their ideal location, the next step is to determine which rehab opportunity fits their needs best. The Western Health Harbor City Clinic is an outpatient clinic that helps patients with substance abuse treatment, detoxification, methadone maintenance, methadone detoxification, and buprenorphine services. Nearby, the Torrance-Lomita Alano Club in Torrance, California is just a few minutes away and offers residential treatment programs, detox services, as well as group and individual therapy.

Finding the right rehab to enter can make an enormous difference in the success of the patient's treatment. Review the above information to determine if Harbor City is the right place to enter a program.

  • Western Health Harbor City Clinic
    • Dual diagnosis treatment (Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders)
    • Addiction treatment for persons with HIV/AIDS
    • Addiction treatment for gays and lesbians
    • Addiction treatment for seniors/older adults
    • Addiction treatment for pregnant/postpartum women
    • Addiction treatment for women
    • Addiction treatment for men
    • Court ordered addiction treatment
    • Addiction treatment for Christians
    • Outpatient counseling treatment

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