Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Happy Camp, California

Happy Camp is a small place with a population of 1,190 people. Located in the middle of Klamath National Forest, this census-designated place is near the Pacific Coast Ranges, which offer stunning mountain views. Due to the community’s small size and remote location, there are limited resources available for addiction treatment.

Rehab Centers In Happy Camp, California

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration lists one facility in Happy Camp. However, information on this facility’s programs cannot be verified. Those who are looking for substance use disorder treatment in the area should consider other options in different towns and cities.

Rehab Centers Near Happy Camp, California

Individuals who need to locate an alcohol and drug rehab center can find facilities that are within an hour from Happy Camp across the state border in Oregon.

Phoenix Counseling Center, Phoenix, Oregon

This facility provides outpatient services for adults who have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Patients work with counselors and clinicians to overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol and develop skills that they will need to use during recovery. Counseling and other services are provided in a caring environment.

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Addictions Recovery Center, Medford, Oregon

Those suffering from a substance use disorder can receive the care they need at this facility. Residential treatment is available to provide patients with support and guidance throughout the recovery process. Day treatment, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services are also available. For those who need it, medically monitored detoxification is available.

Allied Health Services Of Medford, Medford, Oregon

This facility provides a rehab program for adults with opioid addiction. Those who select this facility for care can go through medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone or methadone as needed, which can help ease severe symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Counseling and other outpatient care is also available.

Substance Abuse In Happy Camp & Siskiyou County

Siskiyou County has experienced problems with drug abuse, including overdoses and hospitalizations involving opioids. Here are some statistics to consider:

  • From 2012 through 2014, Siskiyou County had a total of 18 drug overdose deaths. During 2013 through 2015, there were 24.
  • This number rose to 36 in the county from 2014 through 2016.
  • Siskiyou County had four opioid overdose deaths in 2017 and 10 opioid overdose visits to the emergency department the same year.
  • Opioid overdose occurred most often in the 40 to 44 age group and was also higher in the 35 to 39 age group in Siskiyou County.

Traveling For The Best Program

Happy Camp’s remote location means that individuals have limited addiction treatment options. Be willing to travel and consider other options in different cities and states. While this can mean driving for an hour or even getting on a plane, it can help ensure that those who need treatment get the best care possible.

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