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For patients preparing to enter rehab, the decision of where to go for treatment can have enormous impact on outcome. Location will influence how well the climate aligns with the patient's preferences, job opportunities for after finishing treatment, and even the ability of a loving support system to come and visit. These factors can decide how comfortable a patient feels at the center, their moods, and their motivation.

Greenville, California is small area with a population of just over 1,000 near Indian Valley. Those who want to live in an area with a low population and a low population density along with a mild climate may find this area ideal. Here is what patients and their families should know.

How to get there

Patients traveling to Greenville for rehab should have a familiarity with the area's airports so they know how to get in an out of the city. The nearest major airport would by Chico Municipal Airport, which is 59 miles away in Chico, California. This airport receives planes from United Express.

Where to stay

Loved ones coming to Greenville to support a patient going through rehab will want to find a place to stay for their trip. The are a few different hotels and motels in the area. The Sierra Lodge, for example, offers 14 rooms. Visitors are encouraged to contact the facility for pricing. Those who stay at the Oak Grove Motor Lodge can get a room starting at $65 per night and visitors should call for availability.

The environment

Rehab patients who enjoy warm summers with cool winters will appreciate Greenville, California. Here the warmest month is July, with average high temperatures of 89 degrees F. The coolest month is December, with an average high of 44 degrees F. Most of the area's precipitation falls in winter, and there is an average of 30.7 inches of snow, making it perfect for those who love picturesque winters.

Job opportunities

Finding gainful employment after rehab is important for successfully obtaining stability and the ability to work towards the future. Positions in the area often involve delivery drivers, maintenance workers, support and administrative staff for local businesses, and retail. Patients should discuss their plans for finding a job after treatment with their counselors before leaving their facility.

Rehab options

In addition to finding the right area, it is also important to find the right treatment facility to optimize the chances for success. Different treatments tend to work better with different people depending upon personality and unique situation. In Greenville, the Rancheria of Maidu Indians is a substance abuse treatment center that offers outpatient treatment for people with both mental illness problems and substance abuse disorders. Those willing to travel with find another outpatient treatment center at the Lassen County Behavioral Health program in Susanville, California.

Selecting the right treatment center can influence the efficacy of the program and how successful patients are at remaining sober. Those who see the low population, mild temperature atmosphere of Greenville, California should carefully review the above information to see if this is the right area for them.

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