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Recover from addiction in a setting that is comfortable and close to some interesting attractions. Whether it is time to start treating addiction or the goal is to transition into a healthy lifestyle that does not include drugs or alcohol, Fullerton, California is a good place to consider.


With a population of almost 140,000 residents, according to City Data, Fullerton is a relatively large urban environment. The Fullerton Municipal Airport is within the city, roughly 3 miles to the west of the center of the city. Although there is only one airport within the city, John Wayne Airport is only 14 miles to the South in Santa Ana.


The weather conditions in Fullerton are generally mild and comfortable. According to, the average lows in winter range from 48 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit. The highs during the winter months range from 71 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the summer months, the temperatures are usually comfortable. According to, the average temperatures in summer range from a low of 57 to a high of 89 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, the weather is usually comfortable and mild. Extreme temperatures are rare, which makes the area a good place to live or visit.

Drug Rehab

Addiction treatment options are available in Fullerton and the surrounding areas. Drug Rehab Orange County is less than one mile from the center of town and offers detoxification services and residential treatments. As a luxury and executive program, the treatment facility can be a little expensive; however, it offers long-term residential options and a variety of treatment solutions, which can help with realistic recovery goals.

The Intervention Association is another treatment option that is available in Fullerton. The facility offers medically supervised detoxification and residential treatment. Even though most of the treatment programs focus on short-term or 30 days of treatment, the facility offers up to 12 months of treatment for individuals who need extensive care to recover. Furthermore, the treatment program offers a variety of counseling and behavioral treatments that can help with recovery.

Lodging and Hotels

Lodging options are available in Fullerton for visitors to the area or individuals who are planning to move for a lifestyle change. For an affordable and comfortable option, the Fullerton Inn or Travelodge Fullerton Near Anaheim will provide a good choice. The hotels are comfortable and close to many amenities within the city.

The Fairfield Inn and Suites Disney North is a good choice for individuals who plan to visit Disneyland during their visit or who want to enjoy local attractions.


Fullerton offers a variety of employment opportunities in several industries. According to City Data, the employment opportunities are available in the construction, food services, professional, scientific, educational and administrative industries. Additional opportunities may be available in other industries, such as transportation or management, as well.

Transitioning into a healthy lifestyle after treating an addiction or entering a treatment program that will offer support for as long as it is necessary can be an important part of recovering from addiction for a lifetime. Fullerton has treatment programs that can assist with recovery and offers excellent opportunities for a transition into a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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