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Imagine living in a beautiful location that is near the ocean and has amazing weather conditions throughout the year. Fortuna, California is a small urban location with slightly less than 12,000 residents that offers something for everyone. Whether it is time to start focusing of addiction recovery or the goal is to enjoy a quiet and comfortable transition into a healthier lifestyle, Fortuna may be a good place to consider.


Although the town has a relatively small population, it is within a reasonable drive of a few airports. The closest airport to the center of town is the Rohnerville Airport, which is slighly more than 3 miles to the south-east of Fortuna. The Samoa Field Airport is a slightly longer drive at 13 miles north of town and the Murray Field Airport is roughly 14 miles to the north of town as well. Visitors to the area can easily find transportation and flights.

Average Weather

Fortuna is a great place to live if weather conditions are a concern. The temperatures are generally mild throughout the entire year. According to, the average highs throughout the entire year range from 57 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, the temperatures warm up to a comfortable temperature and freezing temperatures are rare. The lows throughout the year range from 42 to 55 degrees, explains

Drug Abuse Recovery

As a small urban location, Fortuna has a limited number of treatment options for addiction. Although there is only one addiction treatment facility within the small town, there are additional treatment options within a 13 to 14 mile drive of the city.

Within Fortuna, the Fortuna Rehabilitation and Wellness Center offers treatment options for addiction recovery. The facility provides in-patient treatments and does accept different forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. Nurses are available throughout the treatment program to ensure physical health is managed properly while individuals are in counseling and work toward recovery.


Fortuna has several hotels that offer a reasonable price for visitors and individuals who are planning to move to the area. Stay that the Redwood Fortuna Riverwalk Hotel or the Best Western Country Inn for affordable lodging solutions. The Comfort Inn and Suites or Super 8 Fortuna are also good options for a visit.

Employment Opportunities

Fortuna has a variety of opportunities for employment. The primary industries that offer employment include retail, public administration, manufacturing, food services and construction, explains City Data. Health care jobs and transportation positions are also available throughout the area and have a reasonable rate of employment. The opportunities that are available within the small city vary, but there are several industries that are represented.

Treating an addiction or transitioning into a healthy lifestyle after treatment can require a peaceful and comfortable environment. Fortuna, California offers the comfort that encourages a healthy lifestyle and the beautiful setting that can make the transition a little easier. Enjoy a lifestyle that is healthy, encouraging and positive in an environment that is comfortable throughout the entire year.

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